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I Cried For You Today

A sadness occurs when rain speaks

talks of a surrounding pool of grief

Once in awhile the woods cannot

give solace to the falling showers

of common recall and contribution.

I like to spend my time in the forest,

often there are moments where truly

I have hidden from the reality of life

amongst the brush and buried horizon.

Though with the mind a sudden impact

we may glance across the room to remember

seeing laying in bed, whether I wanted you,

or felt estranged, I suddenly am anxious

with the memory of just you being nearby.

The result of my actions I wasn’t

expecting would have such impact

on my day, on my psyche, on my …

ability to look away from that which

we created for years together.

I glance upon the walls of my bedroom

and see the framed beauty of our oneness

that which are smiles I wish might always

be alongside my dreams, stay with me

only the truth exists in the future.

Our children speak truth now forever,

freedom fly your way, I’ll remember.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2020

Remember Hallways


Last week

I waited for you

That spot where we …

Well, I always anticipate

The motion of you

In a sea of our peers

A sudden smile indicates

We are together

That’s love


What happens

To moments that define themselves

How do we lose

Touch on our own selves

We have lives

Beautiful children

Romantic dinners, candlelight anniversaries

Am I talking about myself

Or you, and them, and everyone

Walking the streets wondering

Climbing their stairs curious

Fixing the roof

Driving home the deal

Planning vacations

That may not ever rekindle early days


Remember hallways

Capture that energy

Forget about your reality

And walk back towards a visual

Reframing of what is important

What drives desire

Who defines our destiny

Walk together through the many doors

That offer distraction

Go forward finding that path

Fighting resistance at every cost


Today while I walk amongst

Hundreds of impressionable minds

Holding hands, relying upon smiles …


Remember hallways