Haiku Pattern

brief quick respond sweet

while inside our hearts do meet

tick we solemn greet


want happy ending

searching for a new something

always in yearning


simple truths began

an early childhood plan

never fear the man


summer in sunset

a beautiful days only regret

what is chaos let


once in a happy smile

a positive energy awhile

outside peace beguile

Regret’s Mask

That space we seldom see,

unless already known,

the mask regrets nothing

while internal turmoil creeps

about waiting,

about wanting,

about hoping to lash out,

when the time is right.

When our mecca,

single-most desire,


steps toward a ledge,

we cower again,

we scramble to grasp

a mask,

a shelter to protect

our, his, my, your, we’re all


Seems readily available,

a facade I mean,

that piece of fabric

transparent when we will it to be.

Yet, in the midst of turbulence,

a cacophony of havoc,

when then we realize

efforts in vanity

far outweigh a

genuine disorder,

well then

might we all smile,

to know just once,

that certain need to survive,


Sleep well with your mask,

gently placed on the end table.

You’ll find it again,

the moment hope is needed,

in the chaotic nature,


the human condition.

Distance in Sight

I walked to my usual spot

there was a distance

I knew I was hidden but seen

just wanted to say hello to you

every day, every hour, every minute

right now when you step outside

begin your walk around the block

leaving the office behind

I waited for a look

knowing you wouldn’t glance

for what you didn’t want to see.

The pain was real, confusing, stark

all around the world continued

while ours had changed.

I only realized years later

the imposition

the burden

careful scrutiny on your part

to keep our distance in sight.