Muse Lessons

There is that desire

a described inspiration

perhaps we cannot identify

we only believe she


a sweet moonlight,

or perhaps a simple gesture

a muse is born

we might go forward without knowledge,

yet lessons learned,

come later

when the least necessary affirmation

becomes our powerful


perhaps a memory,

a fond recall of a pretty woman,

just the thought,

her moment when in that instance,

she smiled a thousand years,

and for a time she was your own gift.

For our gifts are that which we cannot endure,

yet we might for the lesson of humility

rely upon the muse.

Who Might Decide?

the rains fall

covering naked skin

wet, nourishing, cleansing

light taps on window sills

asking to be felt by fingertips

tracing their moisture in rivers.

If we don’t feel the water

there is no purpose to the storm.

Our hearts can easily break

in free moments

when we decide to leave

our shelter behind …

truly weather the storm

that turbulence that causes any Man

human with real reaction

to reflect in glance

imagery in soft puddles that remain

as memory to recall

actions in prior travels.

Remember when mom said

‘where your rain gear’

and you did

but only because it looked good.

Who will decide when the rains fall

how the sky might shatter our world.