If You Smile, Intend It

I have walked into your world,

watched your smile direct traffic,

I have known the outcome afterward,

when the world continues alone.


If you smile, they might appeal

to the soft nature of your character.

If you smile we all can breathe

together in the silence of a melody.


When the world does dance quiet,

there are listeners in every shadow,

the meaning of a passionate desire,

begins in grace – centered focal point.


So go ahead, wake up to a smile,

stretch the moment beyond today,

let the onlooker see there is real,

in every opportunity along the way.


When Obama Cries

I would ask you this, when your criticism mounts,

do you remember your own tears?

When President Obama shows real tears,

is there a moment when we wonder about ourselves,

when human nature responds with emotion,

we enjoy, we love, we relish the opportunity

to point out our weak society.

When the Newtown tragedy was discussed in your own home,

were there tears, do  you remember,

did you block that part out only because you couldn’t possibly

agree with the truth?

Do you remember the first time your mother told you it is ok,

to cry.

To cry in public,

to recognize we are human beings and sadness when on display

could be powerful beyond display.

Do you understand passion, I believe President Obama wants you to.

Think about your last cry, and honor the beauty of peace

of mind and body.

Think about what leadership means when emotion is honorable.

Freedom Without Tears

At first glance nearly impossible,

to imagine,

our lives holding dry eyes

while freedom quietly knocks on our door.

We have to understand with love

we explore

the beauty of acceptance

that surreal moment when peace speaks.

I want to believe

freedom without tears

might exist in the heart

when this world begins the day less needy.

I heard cries on the street

new confusion,

we do wish for the moment

we might struggle to know our own identity.

I wonder though some time

speak compassion

are we really wanting this,

or is it another Warhol scream to be heard.

I do believe the tears

will satisfy

the pain in our heart

far greater is the will of emotion than stone.

We collect ourselves

again resilient

to forget yesterday’s ruse,

yet tomorrow, our tears must follow freedom.

When I Was A Child

I remember I could believe in magical things,

the diamonds we cherished in wedding rings

On a sunny day, I could imagine I’d see forever

when rainbows appeared, I would run until never.


When I was a child I recall all of my scary dreams

were mysterious inventions of my fears it seems.

While happiness, security, confusion followed me,

hope, passion, optimism, confidence eluded me.


I remember I could look in a person’s eyes at will

without ever wondering if I might be today’s pill.

I could climb a mile of stairs in a half a minute,

turn around, run downstairs and forget I was in it.


When I was a child I would smile in every instance

I found if I didn’t my world became horrific intense.

I wish I’d decided as a child to let go of my notions

instead no longer might I pretend away commotions.


When I was a child I remember life seemed lovely mild.

A tearful demeanor didn’t determine when I was a child.

Life is a Principle

We have to choose,

for if we cannot imagine

beyond the scope we lose

all sight of what is certain.

that we have to go forward,

though the past does beckon,

we mustn’t allow toward

a chasm of misfortune.


When I awoke I began a dream

I wished for a newer focus

yet instead I began to seem

like everything around us

would contain just enough real

to allow these sudden urges

these scenes of life surreal

to eventually have their surges.


So another night passed by

I glanced the sky in the moon,

wondered about everything why

such lunacy would cause my swoon.

Seems early in the real twilight,

when profound minds can relate

we shudder to imagine losing night,

only to wish to continue and create.


Live peace in the eyes of love won’t you?

That principle accentuates a pristine blue.

Spare Me An Hour

I wonder,

while my eyelids

weightless in a vacuum,

imagine miles

the allowance of a measure

a value option

when we cross paths

decide upon a course

of autonomy,

our own manner of delve

into a sea of natural



While the world conveys

a certain security

in sync with

planned reality,

how often would we

wish to wallow

in the slow motion atmosphere

of minutes before

rather than the time ahead

unraveling before our very eyes.

Knowledge is a virtue,

begs to suggest we have already,

hiked along this trail of time.