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Mind Massage

It seems silly to imagine

being cut from the same mold

beautiful people

sadly forgotten.

Seems there might be a path,

we could all trek

trying to stay together

not losing sight.

When lost

a tendency to quake

remember all the somber

matrimony of being alike.

Though every little thing

probably matters,

in the end

a desire to only pretend

Live these lives together

suggest a mutual plan.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Listening to the News

I’m feeling agitation,

listening to mouthpieces slam each other,

slam the office,

slam the American people,

Ignorance, forces themselves to believe

in rhetoric,

‘we will never be great again’

oh my, 6th grade Civics again.


‘lead from behind’

Hah! – I won’t go there, but they might,

probably do.


Remember when we were told by those we

believed in (we love)

‘you have to believe in yourself?’

I think we forgot,

I believe we have to redefine ourselves


rest assured,

the human condition remains as incredible as we have ever been,

Stop listening to the pretty faces,

turn off the feeds,

stop fueling advocates of fear,

look each other in the eyes again.

Had that moment lately?

when suddenly,

you looked and someone lived a different life  …

oh my, what a change, yes, that remarkable reality.

That ability to trust what it is, who we do,


When we can breathe again …

An Upsetting Time

Stunned, a brief awareness,

then disbelief, then horrific, ugly,

insane realization.

My people, your people, we people,

all of us trying to


We are told to

‘look the other way’

in a manner of speaking only because we still have


We are asked to pass judgment upon soul driven desire

across the divide we see only torment,

now on the other side,


What world do we live in might refuse admittance,

what scheme, grand design are you trying to sell me,

how should I respond,

when where I lay my head, the roads, paths,

the forest beautiful in all her natural innocence

begins to question


What does freedom mean to …

would the real world please stand up.

Human Capacity

I wonder

if our society,

matched up against your own,

would matter too much,

when it came down to simply,

sucking air.

I mean really having to survive on

oxygen to breathe, to speak,

to determine just how much our lives,

depend upon one another,

rather than only ourselves.


I am lost when trying to decide

whether or not what I feel, and want, and suggest,

might be the exact same ideal of that person

who just yesterday or perhaps tomorrow,

I disagreed with openly,

making a public display of my position,

rather than practicing civility, or compassion, or natural eloquence.


Perhaps I am asking too much.

On occasion I struggle with knowing when I might

be out of line,

I suppose that is human nature,


when the end of the day draws near,

my anxiety,

that measure of confidence in any given moment,

allows only

shortness of breath,

the sort that speaks loud,

when trying to find solace,

in the activities of the day.


I hope sometimes, I might be forgiven,

within the confines of the human condition.

Stand Firm; Lessons Learned

We are an entitled society

yes we are,

we’ve been told,


been forced to accept

our need for …

validation and anyone gets in my way

I will mow you down in a heartbeat

and bury your soul in the ashes.

Oh, did I say that

again there is a familiar ring,

a calling, a howling,

a fixture of resentment

borne out of the reams

of sympathetic scrutiny …

or is this a hypocrisy that no matter

how we try to be good to one another,

someone will slam your face without fail

Ah springtime is ahead,

the temperatures glean

our need for warmth

for delightful walks,

and summer bike rides

all shared with each other …

My neighbor bought a new bicycle,

come on dad, I need an upgrade,

can it happen today? What the fu …

Where did we find ourselves accepting a society

that rather than earn allows a continuum’s whine.

Times Like These

measure me more

tell me soon though,

I’ve been tiring of late,

the testing,

leaves me wondering,

about that side of things

curious if there might be purpose,

That’s it,

always it,

wrenching reality

suggests it is on me,

yes it is,

no one else should even have to

be the purveyor,

the savior,

the believer that allows me,

to draw a second card.

When Moments Cry

Heart felt emotions

strong, lumbering, deafening.

Body frozen,

time on a pendulum

swings away with little accord

or any matter of poise. That comes

in the morning when

the measuring stick

awakens the soul to a new reality.

Even if one can cry

to release the tension of hurt,

to unsheathe the weaponry,

turmoil in the moment. Even still

is the icy region of shattered dreams.


I wonder sometimes whether it is a

state of mind. I think perhaps

it is my own, nothing more.

Yet so powerful is the energy

drawing me away, telling me that it is

ok. That somehow, lies a reason,

some new adventure moves me beyond

today’s cry.

Tomorrow’s cry will be stronger

I can fight with it all

anytime I am asked,


What is it you say?

There is a thoughtful notion

captures my heart in a

free-wheeling mesmerizing

fog of indecision,

lost on the rocks,

waiting for the waves,

to come slap me around,

never hurts enough,

to step back onto the grass.


I might have to forget

about anything that really

mattered in my life, if

if only,

if when and only,

if there ever might be a time,

when my life becomes little

more than playing the piano

on my keyboard.

That’s easy enough, if we could just stay here,

let the world continue,

let time be its own measure,

I politely ask the seconds

to ignore my needs,

I don’t want to be

measured today,

by my lack of tears.

Simple Post

Walk straight and slam

A post

Like my psyche on a blatant day

if I could know beforehand

I might not

go headlong into …

Instead, I would respond

with patience

not passive removal

just a reflection

a natural mirror

without any background

beyond looking with caution

in the eyes

slowly losing hair

yet, able to walk forward

without that feeling

that lost gesture

the post

step aside and walk freely

today we will lessen the blow

wrap our arms around

and embrace the dull,flat latex

keeping the post attractive.