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Wander Away At 60

I wonder sometimes,

the rains outside no different than they ever can be,

paint the ground with symbolic elements

of nature,

if we could all just walk away

hang out in the woods,

stay alone away from carrying on

misinterpretations of what it is we might

have once realized and then,

well the time,

watch on a wrist

following every second,

the minutes go by until the hours

days and weeks, the months,

now years,

still standing here, frozen in the moment,

decades of speculation

without ever really understanding why,

just why, why, what is the why

that keeps me wandering always wishing,

only realizing after the rains have gone away,

the ground is dry without that fresh cleansing air,

the sort you might feel when letting the floodgates

step outside of our own control,

wander away now,

keep going for there isn’t a lot of recall,

once the bricks have been laid,

their heavy landscape a constant reminder,

something the water cannot truly

wash away.

© Thom Amundsen 4/2021

Finding Words

They land in different places now, the words

those stories, passages, telling souls

to reinvent our lives

create some simple serenade

lets our heart breathe less of a sign,

certainly not gasping for air,

just a steady rhythm because we come to know

life is far too short

to allow ourselves to slow the direction

of our dreams.


I walked outside this afternoon

breathing in the fragrance of a coming rain,

they always do remind us of a soft gentle horizon

when love might be our simplest guide

rather than the fight,

we choose the current

to travel together

in separate worlds

yet still


there will be song.


Filling the bird feeder

I knew if quiet

the visit would occur

and in the morning

the melody would play, always,

an endless serenade …

Inspired by ‘Burn’ – Hamilton Soundtrack

Feeling The Rains

He didn’t have to look outside today

to feel the sunshine quickly step away.

We sense the energy, a rainy day

would bring our sorrows into light of day.

Soft in a cleansing wash would now the fray

of a conscience in pain, solemn display.

Oh to know the special nature such lay

ahead in sensual burdens love weigh.

Walk with me again, feel water release

sweet remedy will provide treatise.

Might we then our hope to abate increase

while certain inhibition will decrease.

Oh to know the sweet scent of summer day

when rains offer the silence a quiet peace.

The Soft, Delicious, Natural Mystique of The Rains

If I can stand in the water pouring across my sky,

I feel the beauty of nature, yet this is peace,

I am soft with my notions today,

without pain, the quiet release is cleansing.


Yet, as these words do in a manner please me,

I am saddened by the reality of the south,

there is a certain mystery in how much is little,

how little is the reminder of our vulnerability.


I do pray for the suffering souls whose eyes glance

upward with confusion, praying for the rains

to allow their lives to continue forward beyond the

deluge of God’s mystery in this reckoning.


I will while slumber in the peaceful nature of my world

imagine an energy to save the hurting reminders of time.

What Storms Follow


Rains melt the landscape

while I wonder,

I am curious to know

what is it that lies outside of my reach,

just beyond the grasp of my

human condition,

that piece that comes as love

when a torrential storm of reality,

that gift of reckoning,

moment by moment when we do

suddenly realize

our time has reached that pinnacle,

when a choice be made,

when we altogether but alone,

must take another journey,

one of a humiliating theme,

that one,

we look inside our mirror tonight,

and haven’t a choice,

the change must begin,

much like after the storm,

the raging winds do eventually,


leaving ourselves

to pick up the fragments of our lives,

and continue the sojourn,

that is,

defining our soul

my soul,

yes to the gentle breeze.

Soothe Sweep Sound


Listen the stirs behind as the rains tease

Waiting on a wind swept current of breeze.

Carries sweet teary note of Nature’s realm

A sometime sudden shudder, speaks, My helm.

Today’s waters will nourish seedy paths

Casual torrents without Her known wraths,

Only the showers we could walk today.

Remember, a soft soak, soothe, sent our way

Holding hands, feeling the wet fabric grip

Against our yearning bodies. We will strip

The layers of Mother Earth’s calm reprise

Sip hot tea, with a lentil soup surprise.

While these common rains can begin the morn

We have solace. Now known, we shall not mourn.

( a dedication to a good friend whose father went his way today)

Ode to Romance

Yes, I remember well

Walking together in the autumn rain

Soft and warm, a swell

of passion of delight of little restrain

Sneak upon alley way

Our hearts beating as we found a wall

Here we may quiet stay

Sheltered from the rain out of all call

Eyes meet with smiles

Clothes already damp with abandon

We will travel new miles

As our bodies intertwine; we hold on

Naked shoulders gasps

Wanton search of planned fingertips

Neck bites as hands clasp

Legs stretch wet jeans in body’s grip

The rains sweet soothing

While our passions erupt driving sounds

Real desire emanating

My hands finding heat and new abounds

Nearby a gate creaks sound

We part with arms entwined and notice

Movement to suggest end

Our passions abated hands now entice

Lovely eyes that glance

Inside one another’s soul as we stroll

Further in the rain with chance

Return our passions while we play this role

We do discover today is love

Life begins surreal in sounds like doves

The News

The rains came today
Amidst news of government shutdowns.
In a mid-town café
All the faces held practiced frowns,
Voices lingered,
High pitched with banters pledged
“Well I figured,”
Shouted a nearby man on the edge.

When the skies lit up
There wasn’t any discussion of reprieve.
I could reach for my cup
Of java while around the room a sieve,
A genuine distaste
Reactive politics by those thought elite.
Withheld ideals erased
While outside quiet rains began to isolate

See, there is beauty
When in and around me economics falter
Somehow I feel pity
A kind soul is caught in rains without shelter
In the morning
A burst of sunlight will endure the horizon
And while waking
Our society is left to once again find reason

Yet in the midst of cloudy judgment and scattered reigns
Might our heart and soul appreciate just the simple rains