That War Thing


Remember when we were kids while the men built the world around us

Soft dirt piles that stretched for miles

We’d have dirtball fights, tossing clay across the fields

Until our parents yelled and bayed

Saying soon, an eye will be taken out by one of y’all

We were having our own replicated war

Safely found within the boundaries of friendship

Nobody wanted to kill one another that day

‘Cept for the occasional well aimed rock hidden in clay

We always got past that though, knowing we were kids


Remember when we were kids and the letters started to arrive

Our brothers were going away dressed well in uniforms

Back then we listened to the news to hear whether they were dead

Having sacrificed their lives for what my mommy called

Harvesting the fields for somebody else’s cotton

What do we want with somebody else’s cotton I remember asking

She just showed me tears and walked into the other room

I grew up watching the names scroll across the evening news

Thinking these names were representing heroes

Not realizing one day I would forget to understand their sacrifice


Remember when we applauded the gladiators of the football field

Dressed in colors and heavy duty armor ready to pillage the line

We grew up watching these teams of defenders and animal pillages

Totally blind to the driven massacres that occurred across the seas

We took on new parts of our lives when we realized the truth

The war across the bay was real, these guys on a field were a play

Yet who were the heroes now we began to cry out loud

Pine boxes and metal tags, missing limbs and lost minds

The war today is no more blind to the pain then yesterday

We still lose lives that held brother’s and sister’s hands


Mothers still cry, and fathers still try to hold up their heads

To recognize the sacrifice that no-one truly ever understands

War in Humanity

I listened to your crying in the other room

One silly non-descript summer afternoon

I remember wondering now why the tears

Always sure to separate my own quiet fears

At my age couldn’t really be sure what is meant

By daily activities causing feelings that resent

The world’s energy around us playing out ludicrous

Compassionate tones while far away from us

Men were dying at the hands of proclamations

Decrees without treaty sought killing machines

Years later we are a nation of interference

Once again refusing to stay on the fence

When will the illicit wars that we willingly fight

Match up with our humanity’s desire to take flight