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A Dwelling Time

If wait,

a silent venture

no one else would matter

this state of mind.

Walk slow in the forest

feel the pristine nature

of natural life,

ours to feel fascination.

How will a

human being

fit into this scheme

wanting peace of mind.

WE take ourselves

inside deep caverns

while offering opinion

when lost inside.

Finding balance

clearly an aspiration

when found

offers a solace.

These are concrete steps

whose weather worn


holds strong a foundation.

For when we choose

live our lives

offer resolution

could our time resound.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Fighting Present

The past wants a piece of flesh,

always waiting wondering when

to jump on a moment with fresh

ideas, exploiting our lives again.


Seems where we go always here

back to a familiar surrounding

when and if we understand fear

began in our heart this morning.


I walked while outside the weep

covered the sidewalks, a soft

repeat of a sound that would deep

remind us all of barbs we loft.


For it is a kinder world less naive

leaves our heart with soul to weave.

© Thom Amundsen 8/2021

This Was That Place

Where I began,

a small boy sad eyes

would venture forward

inside cloud grey skies

This was the way I began

while all around me lives

gave credence toward

some manner by which

to understand.

This was when I began

to wonder about where

everyone else had gone,

why the constant search,

what could possibly be wrong

with not thinking too hard,

what is right in my mind,

will fall into question anytime,

they might decide to return.

This was where I began,

somehow I do remain here.

Back Story

A trail leads to the crest of the hill

A slow walk

Notice rocks shift with each step

Thinking about that moment

Wondering while winding along

Aimless with purpose in solace


I remember a story

However it only gains strength

When retold in detail

Moments to help recognition

And then before, again, one time, always

Another reality that was owned alone


The sun is shining

And eyes explore the landscape

Crossing the moving highway

Another part of town

Just on the horizon

Glances into that one time …


I might rather just keep walking

Indeed the retelling might recall

A vulnerable moment

To help define that arrogance

That quiet, screaming insolent past

I will tell just as I remember it all


The gravel created impressions on my jeans

And my elbows dug into the soil left behind