A Diamond

When thoughts of rocks,

come to play,

the mind is alluring,

easily left to sway

the doubts,

the indecisions,

the valued circumstance,

of shared precisions.


The cut of a diamond,

meant to draw blood,

perhaps never seen,

never heard,

yet known

by the fractured elements

of delight in an eye,

the beholder,

the judgment,

the reality of one,

becomes the circumstance

of another.


We stood inside a mini-mall

watched the world evolve,

we laughed

qualified are sanity

that lasts.

We knew our world

didn’t need the blood of a diamond,

for it is a world far beyond

the material norm.


Yet today, sitting in offices,

there seems aplenty,

of ignorance and entitlement.


The crush of a diamond,

the cut of a purity in glass,

the reality in the mirror,

won’t ever extinguish the glare.

Monster, Depart

Cherice Moralez

Cherice Moralez













I am judging you

trust me, I hate you right now.

Can you imagine the wrath,

the thousands whose lives you have


In my eyes,

you are a monster,

your look, your glance, your eyes,

all remind me of evil.

I would open the door to watch you go away,

forever, I don’t really care.


I do weep for her,

for all of her friends,

for so many of her peers,

for everyone you have taken for granted,

with an arrogant desire to defile

that truly innocent,

that only delightful,

her ever so vulnerable life.


to Cherice Moralez

I bid you adieu with no fanfare for your monster.


You, monster, are an unnamed evil reality