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Distance Learning

So, I imagined this happening,

the wave of the virus,

would shut us down,

remove our access to the classroom.


A part of me appreciated the break,

I could still with students,

have a dialogue in the distance,

never contemplated the reality.


Then the news,

the overbearing sentence

of every teacher, every student,

we were suddenly thrown a ball


and we missed, no one could grasp

the nature of our loss,

of their loss

of a world of we miss you.


Here we are now,

a beautiful day,

one would say,

grasp the sunlight’s rays


We are a positive group,

this humanity,

we will endure

like wars and 9/11.


Oh you will not rule us,

please COVID 19,

know we’d rather not assumptions,

we wish everyone to know you.


Wear a mask,

stay at home

wear a mask stay at home

we cannot deny your influence.


We will overcome the nature of this fear,

We must stay together, live our sphere.

On Positive Outcome

We have these moments

we, the human beings

where emotions begin our day,

end our nights,

decide our way.


We sometimes cannot move a muscle

our bodies so strong, resilient

frozen to the ground,

the nature of a piece of soft furniture

becomes the bastion

covet our ill.


Today, nature’s frozen ground

sure to take some lives,

those of human beings

lost inside a vortex of instantaneous

decision making ice


We need to look for answer

instead of accepting defeat,

our bodies human yet frail,

we cannot allow the remedy of loss

become our only outcome.


Sweet is the human condition,

ready and willing

weep and cry, laugh in hysterics

the emotional roller-coaster

whom we become, come to be.


Find solace in the truth,

know honesty

recognize the power of an ill

realize the beauty of real,

stay safe, stay warm, stay in love.


No matter that the world has other plans,

let your own be the finality carry on a glow.

Pleasure Breeze



WordPress Photo of the Day – Alphabet

Wakeful notion reach slow across the room

fresh, still in haze, life sweep in turn toward

recognition, remembrance, reflection,

when in last recall, we would wander now.

Halo to draw away the veil of doom

passing a glance beyond gather forward

cast shadow aside; sweet inspiration

reliance, resilient, remember how.

If someone were to ask eternal grace

could world idealism arouse

certain cacophony correspondence.

We do value in life manner in pace

dream peace in happiness, delightful browse,

an active mind, a positive advance.




Our Charges Return

Streaming in waves, in smiles and raves,

the children are arriving this morning,

we will welcome all of you with open arms,

readied our rooms, and ironed our ties,

the days ahead are only meant for you.

innocent eyes, and worrisome nights,

children of our halls, determined and right.


I stepped into the constant motion

noticed them all with emotion,

I realized how much I’d missed every face,

how excited I was by the new,

I understood that this special place,

held a bargain for me to offer solace,

to those that came through the halls today.


We begin the task, forever in progress,

the idea of moving our pages along,

the free-spirit nature of every child,

is our responsibility to maintain, to ideal.

Walk inside the classroom, tap a pencil

look around the space to see a set of eyes,

then know that each set is willing the same.


To a teacher on the first day of school, hello,

to a student in return, welcome to your life.

Begin Now

Spiritual Networks
Spiritual Networks

When they said,

‘wait for tomorrow’ they might have followed

with a rhapsody of torment in eruptive skies.

For we do seek explosive reckoning,

when a sudden cathartic,

a ‘now’ moment as mother

always cried

in the midst of change,

what opportunity lies in the future

is exactly our temptation.

If only I might be that river,

that instead of being challenged with every crevice,

I might travel uninterrupted and able to carve

my own well drawn tale of luxury.

A positive note,

to accentuate a glorious sunrise,

always the same,


when understood to be all there really is,

the shimmer can be extraordinary …

Blind your eyes to the past

and shed layers to step free

State of Mind

Well it seems rather simple when we look it square in the eye,

you’re either thinking racist thoughts or your not,

it seems like it ought to be that simple in our world today,

yet, we now have to include state of mind.


We used to get away with recognizing hatred as evil,

a mile away you could see it in their eyes

today, we stand right next to one another and yet still

really haven’t a clue of that state of mind.


Inside a church where people stood and prayed and bled

they fell together in their efforts to be led

though hadn’t any idea of the person standing so nearby

on that particular day amidst their state of mind.


We go to work sometimes in a dull morning only wishing

to stay in bed sometimes for lovely reason,

yet we smile, we nod, we open doors altogether while

inside we may discretely hide a state of mind.


So who is it that can wonder how to corner the market

stand next to one another and smile genuine,

who knows the next time we are all leaning toward the sun

we won’t be yearning upon a certain state of mind.


I suppose it might be easy to offer a simple solution

It always is so much better in the right state of mind

When Priority Screams


When that was real and time suddenly slowed,

I stood alone, I wondered, I couldn’t hold


my own, I needed a shoulder, somewhere to talk,

couldn’t imagine the fear in every step I would walk.


The blur of what was seemingly important just

minutes before, became a trivial memory of dust.


When I look in your eyes, I only know I have a want

to be by your side, to hold you, to be your gallant.


I cried a little bit today when later I heard the news,

I didn’t know that suddenly my life would speak blues.


We’re fortunate to know our lives have brought us here

in a place where love and time and passion lives so near.


I look at you my beautiful son and wish that any fear,

might realize delightful relief in the eyes of a single tear.

Energy Drive

In my home town

there is a street named

Energy Drive

I often think of that avenue

wondering if I stood on a curb

I might soak in that guidance

be drawn by the concept of its strength.

I understand the name

is drawn from industry

symbolic of discovery

Yet, I need to capture

that essence.

Ever notice the happy sense

of good energy

Always see the value

good thoughts can bring to our lives.

Yes the moments exist

that tear our hearts apart,

the tears remain when sensing fear,

the world seems less friendly …

Only when we allow ourselves to remain

alone enough to sap our energy.

Imagine pleasant thoughts

a desire to provide happiness

a genuine smile

shocking as it may seem

there are many of us that decide

upon our day

by the energy we engage.

We are energy driven,

polar opposites that attract.

When a negative wave reacts

call it a vortex

we seek shelter

we back pedal

we often haven’t a clue

how we ever got there.

Upon a distant star

traveling through the night

an optimistic response

allows our lives to become

that fragment,

that piece of life,

a strong purveyor of the resource of

Energy Drive.

What Really Matters

(elaine tweedy paintings)

Taking a drive

Want to cruise the landscape

Roadblocks always seem

To slam my path

At a most convenient time

For others.

Brings me to my first vista

We do like to focus on them

Rather than perhaps, ah, ahem

Looking deep into our own psyche


Not so fast

Let’s talk about them a little bit more

Just a tad

So much easier than before

I want to understand

Just why it is that they are them

Those, others, because, why

Do they always seem to drive away

Or wait just a second

Light turns green

Moving on is so much easier

When glancing ahead

Journeying towards that

Inner peace

Will it exist if I drop everything else behind

A trunkful of baggage that I carry

With me each and every day.

Onto the next vista

Has a sort of mellow energy

Cannot quite ascertain the purpose

Feels wonderful, sweet peaceful

What am I thinking you might ask?

Certainly many things but nothing resembles

Any notions of … splendor is sought!