If Letting Go Were Methodical

The things we see,

we rely upon like a sea

of emotions flooding our shores,

waves that toss our lives across

a horizon of indifference.

Yet why so important than if in one sweep

of fast moving passion,

our lives than become scrutiny,

theirs, not ours, them, the people,

outside of our comfort zone.

Those are the enigmas we’d rather not have to deal with


or any day for that matter,

but the immediacy is clear.

We have to suggest a methodical manner

toward finding a respectful attitude,

one that includes yet lets us depart

from all interactions with the pools,

schools of jelly fish together remain an obscure

delight, a visual procession of beauty,

yet one alone,

distant in the murky sea of illusion,

that perhaps might indicate,

a haunting reality follows every hope and dream

toward letting go,

for their beauty always remains near.