Sedentary State of Mind

Walking home one afternoon,

I noticed she cared about my world.

She was always the center of

my attention,

a popular girl I was privileged

walking her home every afternoon,

climbing actual hills

winding paths

until our homes a block apart

appeared on the horizon,

indicating now my time

would wane

her goings to her world

mine to my own.

There was nothing sedentary in my world

when she might speak to my state of mind.

© Thom Amundsen  9/2021

Waterfall Wishes

If finding a manageable route

standing nearby without doubt.

If might a speculate shower

whereby he inside might cower,

step into the stream

feel its powerful dream

the thought of all of our wishes

where nearby one man’s misses

for resolve

to solve

all of his climbing desire

rather than soak in the mire

of our spiritual reckoning

this is my solo beckoning.

I would wish to find some release

from a current, inside poised peace.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

First Days

There is a certain pull

a potential

a need to feel

that rotating wheel

of some significance

the quest, we guessed,

in first days

the moment of truth


or better suggested

that moment when opportunity

strikes that initial fever pitch


Let’s hang on

gonna be a roller coaster

doesn’t mean you’ll fall off

just scare the hell out of you

scare the hell out of you,


of course there’s always that

a choice, a recall, a desire,


to keep those steps

moving forward on these, our

first days.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Why Tears

Always on the edge of falling apart,

like gravel landscape a fluid motion,

kicking me to the side of the road.


What’s inside that needs to part

my frame of mind, this emotion

rules I’ve never really understood.


I wanted to just live in normalcy

always the listener without fear

Yet somehow anywhere I land …


It carries beyond my infancy

when we might expect a tear

now an edge always at hand


Seems we have our own reason

to know why, yet they’re hidden

to know why, yet they’re hidden.


I stood on the edge and looked for her

to know just why, yet you were hidden

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Capture My Mood

Tell me how you’re going to feel

the next time you touch my soul


We could be friends forever

organize a press release

sounds poetic, a tad eacer

someone, we keep the peace


There was this one afternoon

we spoke of our adventure

shipwrecked we might maroon

our lives, this our forever.


Tell me how you’re going to feel

the next time you touch my soul.

Tell me how you’re going to feel

the next time you touch my soul.


When the walls began to cave

ought we have better understood

the freedom to love and save

seemed trite and rather screwed.


Stand inside the balance

and feel some sacrifice

Stand inside with chance

the love, your favorite vice


Tell me how your going to feel

the next time you touch my soul.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Sifting Through Fear

A candle burns nearby

a reminder of some peace of mind,

tranquil is the flame

out of the corner of his eye.

Speaker beware,

someone might reveal,

their reveal,

that word causes headaches in some circles,

those afraid to look in the


© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Spontaneity In Crisis

Well it’s the tears really,

come out of nowhere,

set me in stone clearly

don’t want to live there.


Watching a television show

a melodramatic morning

in any mundane episode I go

tearing up and mourning.


Tearing up and mourning,

haven’t any idea what it might

mean, why it is this warning,

get my act together before night


fall, this constant departure

this need to somehow navigate.

My emotions are raw for sure

I wish I might sometimes relate.


Motives and opportunities

pass me by not out of reach

my own sadly, feigned scrutinies

are nothing the world will teach.


Have to find a way out of this dream.

Have to find a way out of this dream.

Spontaneity holds so much promise,

Have to find a way out of this dream.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Out of the Mind

Comes this fairy tale

some would call it

a fast and friendly gale

of why whenever might

our soul in peace prevail

change will be our writ.


Seems clear we see life

as a partial of our being

always in question is life

though some are arguing

doesn’t matter this strife

we are meant for living.


I walked outside of myself

for weeks, needs on a shelf


When once had confidence

been thought our middle name

we unravel so much by chance

we can never really, our game

always the question we enhance

lost inside a dream, lose our aim.


It wasn’t until yesterday

I could remember again,

what was ahead of my day

not ever today could I gain

semblance, a peaceful way

know in woe ever refrain.


I walked outside of myself

for weeks, needs, on a shelf

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

When Last We Imagine

It isn’t until we know,

that we decide

we won’t go down that path again,

we want to,

want to stay there,

watch the leaves turn

see the beauty laid out before us,

when no one need be nearby

to remind us of just what was there

all this while

all this time

energy spent just wondering why,

hoping to trigger some solution,

lays only in our defense

without any real resolve,

until that day,

that singular moment,

a cathartic wind in a naked sky,

where clouds will part

stars come alive at night,

and our mind,

this simple run of thoughts and dreams

becomes like that of a trance,

lost in the horizon stretching toward the galaxy.


For a moment we did step away from our reality,

for a time did we realize we didn’t need to decide,

for just a beat, a heart beat, did we,


© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Serendipity Is Love

Would that we might dance the night away

When once out of reach, our love found its way

If were to measure all the pain and suffering

Could not surpass, such is beauty our yearning.


Perhaps it was alone, a quiet drum beat

A solo venture that would evade defeat

Perhaps it was alone, a quiet drum beat

Could we imagine such wonder our feat.


Now today there is memory, if the river walk

Across town we recall, a stroll, Isle of Fern

Red chairs and a gas fire pit, bolted, we’d talk

Memories pain the soul, hearts fear every turn.


I lived in this town for almost half my life

She did hers forever, and made it her life.

I would, I cannot recall a softer shade of blue

When one day for now I knew I was losing you.


Such a blessing it is to feel we are finally in love

When all the days, our lives, wander the stars above

Such is still that blessing when now the miles are long

When once counted upon, now the eyes cannot belong.


Perhaps I am alone, when now it is the drum beat quiets

Perhaps I am alone, when now it is the drum beat quiets

© Thom Amundsen 9/2/2021