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Forever Knocking

I walked outside and the parking lot was full.

I couldn’t get away, couldn’t walk back inside

I felt the cold night air, outside were a handful

of past experiences, only adolescents concede.


Why it is at this very moment I cannot speak

if only then hundreds of onlookers at bay

Remembering then, when once I should seek

out life, and next week will become today.


For this we find a present moment

without backing or sense of foreground

only immediacy will have meant

a measure of this new muse we found.


I’ve never spoken to anyone about it.

He winced in pain and stepped above it.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Finding Words

When inside a cavern of loneliness

the sense of light

that beacon of direction

seems rather amiss.

The discovery of finding self

always out of reach

lost bathing near a sunrise

yet still tied in

feeling the rocks and dripping stone

maintain a hold

letting only this internal air be a guide.


We can talk ourselves out of

sharp crags, edges, finding security

in good footing

yet words seem to

fall short tossing

an avalanche of self-confidence,

continue to wade in the mire,

we wait upon an out.


Seems we will draw words

with our imagination,

yet diving in is our only recourse.


We need to recognize the possibility,

to search inside of ourselves

find a target

set our course and commit.

Words will only alone

run astray of a seeming peace.

© Thom Amundsen

Key Responsibility

It’s a morning

gray skies outside

sunlight is somewhere

last night’s thought

sifting into my world.

A mixed bag of

insolent treats.

If I choose to open them

I could follow a light


to take me somewhere.

Somewhere out of here.

Though then I realize

we, ourselves, are

responsible for the keys.


© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Set Sail

Oh to be that stifling energy,

the sort we practice far too much,

the moment we question our integrity

we belong locked up and silenced such.

It is a confidence thing

helps find our path,

reach for really anything

and curb societal wrath.

Telling a story about satisfaction

take an effort to experience that

the ability to know a solution

to the human condition, that!

We all choose to walk alone

together, by our sides a fashion.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

In A Word

This could just happen

if in one word

if we look each other in the eye,

if for the sake of another day,

if when we feel … no answer.


In this word

we seem bound by the


isolate in its own

montage of distraction.


We are seeking that word

fulfills our heart

lights our soul,

it is one word

repeats itself after all.


On the road will

speak of dreams and fantasy,

staying alert in the white lines

of the avenue.

See that?


I wonder if in one word we could

find kindness, appreciate silence,


© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Words Employ

Though I wish

might words be employ,

to quite realize

would be to bore (the mind).

Finding a phrase

attaching to character

becomes imperative

under analysis.

Is it an attraction

sets the tone

for a positive reaction

to the world we’re bound.

The traffic of our soul

demands when about,

sacrifice and resolve

seems far reaching – we evolve.

When once he knew

the again that flew,

his ideas being sorted

questions again, by her.

Seems lost in a shuffle

this be, this inspiration.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

A Sunny Day

Rays of light peek through shuttered windows

shall the slats be opened or assure privacy,

a morning of which one surely glows

the energy blocked would be a travesty.


At my desk I look for inspiration

seems the night put aside

for the moment is more solution

to dredging horrors inside.


If present means a slow journey

then this my day would tell

a starting point with no hurry

only desire deep in the well.


I would climb if love awaits me

or choose to find what must be.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Tears in My Eyes

I have tears in my eyes

so belaboring are my cries.

Much of my fear a disconnect,

why is this my life I select?


I wish I might bring her back,

a spiritual mystique I lack.

I wonder sometimes the life you lead

how often with you would be my need.


I know there is desperation in my word

though I believe I am not absurd.

When a television character might speak

tears in my eyes remind me to weep.


Tears in my eyes remind me to weep

Tears in my eyes remind me to weep


Oh how I want to skip this song

How I wish only to know what is wrong

If I cannot have you in my life

then I don’t know how to begin my life.


Tears in my eyes remind me to sleep

tears in my eyes remind me to sleep

tears in my eyes …

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

If She Knew

There in the wind lays definition,

she called them changing winds.

If we could recreate days of passion

perhaps then love properly gleaned.


Yet days and hours of time forgotten,

though symbolic reminders lay about

we could in simple terms relive again.

Beauty in circumstance beyond doubt.


Oh follow me on this our sensual journey

Oh follow me is this our sensual journey

Oh follow me will be our sensual journey


For it is the two of us no longer paired

though in our time so loved had we dared.

Go on and on and on as well we cared,

yes love does happen practiced and paired.


Oh follow me in this our constant journey.


© Thom Amundsen 10/1