A Tossed Salad

I wonder if we might ever know,

just when

how the display of our lives would really go,

if by some design, certain hearts,

those with a common soul,

a difference in mannerism, attitude, energy,

I do sometimes think together,

there is just so much we don’t know,

yet while the sun crosses the sky,

we could still try to, imagine,

we might be able to,

just for a moment,

recreated a world to flourish,

the sort so designed, delightful, delicious,

we’re never quite sure about the dressing.

The Issue of Titles

A bothersome necessity

of authenticity

is having a title, or perhaps,

for some just finding a title,

a nomenclature of credibility

ascertained only by evidence,

for some it is simply the words

on a page or maybe a writ

some might spend hours practicing,

composing and rearranging their title,

somehow that only signifies their identity.

Even still, for what purpose

would anyone wish to retain

timeless value

simply based upon

a few well placed words,

or a plaque of proof,

yet still again we find we flounder

with the originality.

of defining our own title.