A Simpler Life

If life begins here the now is today

well there has to be another way

said the disgruntled fellow

standing in the gallows.

We choose to live the way we do

based upon values, me and you,

not that far away from everyone

seems somehow often over done.

Once in a midnight sky not so far

away, I felt my body to be at war.

With sudden gasp I exhaled my life

only to know a sedentary world is rife

with unpleasantries and negativity

all of the symptoms of inadequacy.

Speaking to a friend of mine tonight

I came to terms with just how I might

live out the rest of my days

in some more comfortable ways.

There isn’t a lot gained in crying

when reaching out without trying.

© Thom Amundsen  9/2021

Blinding Notions

Ever wonder why we think the way we do,

give it a glorious sunrise and skies so blue


Imagine that today, our lives will be true,

every aspect, every notion, energy anew


Where storms lie ahead we would simply imbed

an attitude of resilience, fighting off the dread


When tasks jump as obstacles, we might dodge

for in the best of interest our hopes will lodge.


I began to wonder about life as it were

and realized often my world is a blur


So rather than figure it out every day,

I challenge you to think of a different way.


Ever look into the morning sunlight so blind,

your eyes with intensity, still echoe the mind.

Speaking of Plans

When I do walk alone in my world of reason

Often the answers remain even afterward.

While I’ve again forgotten what it was before

The rains came that I had begun to imagine.


I will listen to music, the riffs, the intonations

Drive my quiet spirit to seek new inspiration

And the clouds begin to gather surreal above

Indicating slow notions of managing life depart


I would if I may recall a summer’s day

When in the afternoon light I could pray

Alone without interruption, my special time

With everlasting hope and freedom of mind


Decide upon a path and take the risks to remain

Guided by your passions, your desires, your labors

For we are all guilty of soft and centered pressures

We can only hope that our lives remain free again


While the worries of the world around us continue

To suggest our choices, our plans deserve a new venue