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Empty Spaces – The Road Taken – Photo Challenge

The Road Taken


And yet there were travelers, all of the eyes,

the minds, the plays, the laughter that contained

an avenue of freedom inside quiet minds, sighs,

while everywhere around a humanity maintained.


Where have they all gone, the inspiration, surreal

is the occasional dreamer who steps inside wonder

only toward the stranger that perhaps might feel

questioned, in an accentuated fog of a hereafter.


Perhaps if we might contain each story’s beginning

to reach the end, all of the internal warfare being

forgotten while nostalgic, the dreamer again did sing

a sorrowful melody of some melancholy meandering.


Oh, now there is a silent road ahead where people muse

we imagine an emptiness filled by travelers we amuse.

Finding Spiritual Balance

A Good Match


In trying to understand the world,

we seem only to find balance,

upon a vast field of simple grain,

the sort indistinguishable yet soft

enough to hold our mind, our body,

our greatest fear and smallest burden.


Always a fascination has existed

with the design of our lives together,

an ability to negotiate, process a life,

or find fortune in the memory beyond

who we were today when yesterday

we began a similar journey alone.


A circle exists we speak of in unison,

sometimes disparity reminds the foil

to hearken back to another energy

quite similar yet different again,

we respond accordingly to a symbolic

moment, the sort we might write about.


Well before the eternal design of our lives

might truly be the answer in knowing Eyes.

Welcome Here


FullSizeRender 6

There is this place I feel like I belong

where I can see beyond

a world inside my head

a place where original notions

might evolve

An analyst’s couch where once we told

our darkest nightmare,

that undecided frightened look of terror

only for his eyes

later her eyes were telling the same


There is this place where I might shadow fear

to find the words suggest

I’m here …



*photo credit – my coffee shop (they let me drink here)