Smoked Mirrors

We did agree to understand

that every word has meaning


the suggestion that one might hurt

another beside ourselves

seems rather grandiose.


A fair statement is the regard

we have for protecting our personal


we would abandon one another

if it truly meant an infringement on


when looking toward the sky

miles of afterthought are left in idle


would you agree that now you know

so it is a given I might be allowed some



then the walls are built,

the smoke begins to creep in,

under doorways, through the cracks in armor,

Every aspect of our lives revealed

we move so quickly,

we no longer see real moments,

in the glass that reflects our true


My Addictive Personality

No matter the level of scrutiny,

I will lower the boom on my security

until I can no longer touch the bottom

floating endlessly in the sea of


When out in the current,

I cannot see land,

it doesn’t exist except for the occasional

tease of sand between my toes,

not enough to keep my head above water,

or perhaps just then,

a wave slaps me backward into a flurry

of indecision, of prayer, of redemption, of

endless derision.

Of course when I do have an opportunity to breathe,

I am grateful,

I recall the heavy seas, pulling me away,

when grounded,

I begin to question,

how foolish it was to imagine,

I could live that long in suspended disbelief.

Inside the bubble of denial

my addictive personality

could survive forever,

long after my last gasp.

Me and My Enigmas

That person the other day,

will he ever return

or perhaps

he might think another way.

then the rodeo began

with dust kicking fury

each idiom, every adage,

all fought for their place

in an arena of semantics.


While me and my enigmas,

well we soldier on,

we continue to define what’s real,

when we have the time,

to deal with everything that is sur-tainly

puzzling, sometimes foreboding.


I am this person today,

and you are simply the same,

yet different in every way,

so simple are the words,

when truth may have its way.


Goodnight to this sweet world today,

another time, perhaps a newer cliche,

and we all soldier on,

we all do want to go on …

really, we do.