There is Dance

We are blessed with a physical purity
The stretching of limbs
Arching the back to reach a moment
Legs that will move impossible heights
Shoulders that cave and blossom
And grace shadowy figures
Allowing each one’s presence
A further driving desire to reach …
Drawing designs across the stage
An empty stage
Instrumental echoes
The human form takes a walk
Turns to writhing, reaching, surrounding
Twirls, twines, twists – head thrown back
Legs responding to each sound wrapped
Arms realize a motion that blends
Filling the empty room, enveloping
The eyes of an audience meant to see
If I were alone
In quiet solitude
With an empty stage
Might my physicality reach a level
Outside the eyes of an observer
For within my dance
I do wish to find an answer
Until that time evolves
I might continue to recognize
Movement and grace with elegant stride
For whenever I might wonder about life
I know as in a walk on boards, there is dance