Humanity Pleads Perfection

If while our lives compete

silence stands beyond our wares.


Pre-disposed to finding value

in a fragile state of mind.


We dig humanity, its pitfalls

suggested to be given advocacy.


Wanting to forge forward in valor

a calculated appraisal of possibility.


When suggestion speaks necessarily

give allowance no matter scrutiny.


Find your peace in the beauty of time,

for this or ever complication subside.


We are resilient in a time driven desire

to find peace among masses the same.

© Thom Amundsen 2019

My Reflection; Your Perception

Ever do this.


Finish the conversation

Walk away

Having left a cordial departure

Smiles and a handshake


And look back


Out of the corner of your eye

And that telling moment

When you both connect

Your eyes looking right at each other


We wonder now


As methodical as your moves

Can be perceived by another

Person watching you

How careful do I need to be


In this moment


Everything we just shared

Is being scrutinized

Did we say too much?

Was that smile real or cover?


Are they thinking


About my mistakes then

Or about their victory

Or is it about that at all

Or do they just like my tie?


Maybe the tie


Has no connection to

The glance; the reassurance

Both humans need

At a given moment


Like those shoes


Wondering what is more important

The conversation that takes place

Or the moment afterward


Ever do this?