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Sages of War

That was the news

Every night

Walter Cronkite before

He’d say good night

I would watch the names

Scroll by on the television screen

And occasionally look for locals

I often feared my brother’s name

Or a cousin

Or a former basketball standout

For some they all appeared



That night

Across the country families grieved

As that name appeared

Made it real

Their boy was not coming home

At least

Not the way he left to catch the bus

Months earlier

A few years ago

Last summer when everyone

Gathered to celebrate


I listened to Simon & Garfunkel

Create metaphors with song and lyrics

A literal passage that allowed

Water under the bridge to

Resonate in our minds

Realizing the truth left us confused

“No More War, LBJ’

I read about a bombing at the

Madison campus, meant to be a protest

Now they were on the run

Criminals that seemed to want peace

But lost their way fighting


I would ask

What is battle?

I was 9 years old

So when Kennedy was shot

I finally understood

What happened to his brother?

I knew that X represented someone

That MLK Jr really did exist

Now JFK, and Bobby in the California sun

My mom listened to the radio

As I rode with her to work

Asking her – what is an iron lung?


My dad

We would drive through town

To deliver his mail

And I would watch him flinch

As a twin engine flew low

Across the valley’s hills

It reminded him of Saipan

And his camp where he grew chickens

Creating fresh eggs for his comrades

I never asked him about death

He wouldn’t want to reveal



The news is the same

Though scrolled names are passé

We’re more inclined

To isolate their loss

Throw a parade

They still die inside and outside

While we mortgage our homes

Buy ipads & iphones & consume

Our days with forgetful purpose

In order to justify

Why we don’t want to know about


Freedom to live

Freedom to cry

Freedom to love

Freedom to belong

Freedom to dream

To believe

To exist

To respond

All that ugliness the men and women

Endure for our own lives

We need be thankful

We can be grateful

We are here the merit of their sacrifice

We celebrate today!

And that’s the way it is

Yesterday (Today)

I began my day hiding

Typical drill

Waiting for nothing to change

Unusual peace

Just out of reach

Every day my mind

Would react to a world

Out of sync

With my reality

We were wistful

In our love

We would whistle

Lovely whispers

We will win

Private hugs


I stood outside


Rejoiced in your arms

Together our eyes

Would appear beautiful

In such Grace

Quiet solace

Delight, Elegance, Passion

In our reality

We are wistful

Our love speaks

Whispers of love

Audible praise

We win with

Real love, law love

Tomorrow all of our discreet yesterdays

Begin to make allowances within our virtues.

Naked Twig

Sometimes I wish

More bark could be torn

From that twig

Carried in your 

Little hope chest

That one representing

Our first lover’s quarrel.

You remember the one

While sitting by Isles

Discussing our future

Still innocent lovers

Falling into each other’s 

Scared and lonely eyes

We were still

            way too

             far too much in love

                     to fall apart just then

Your fingers tore 

Fragments of bark

With every silent moment

Until the wood lay bare

And alone the twig

Held new life

Like an old coat 

Thrown away

Yet I noticed it later

The twig somehow

The bark pieces

Which you’d so patiently

Stripped away

Remained in Memory.



Old Ideas

I’ll forget my past 

One day

When sitting in a rocker

Having been placed there by 


Hands that carry the strain

Of years of tolerant love

She’ll smile and sigh

And readjust my collar and tuck my wrap

-apple cherry stained tweed-

And with pained expression

She’ll heave another log into the fire

While vacant eyes behind her

Glisten and sparkle to the embers she stokes.