Embrace Each Other

One day,

a gentleman asked,

‘Do you know what life means?’

to the young boy

standing on the playground.

The boy replied,

“to me old man, it is the perfect swish in the basketball hoop.’

The gentleman smiled and continued his walk.

He wound around the corner,

onto skid row of the neighborhood,

where he was immediately accosted,

well enthusiastically approached,

‘would you give me five bucks?’

a drunk vagrant whispered in a hoarse bourbon-esque voice,

the gentleman asked why,

and the man, fell against him, and mumbled

‘it would give my life meaning.’

The gentleman continued walking,

along the way there was much suffering and pain,

mixed with love and enchantment,

with either one holding court with the other.

The sun might shine with vivid streaks,

to contrast a gray sullen sky

ready to drop tears upon anyone nearby.

The old man pulled his collar tight,

readjusted his hat,

did a little dance step,

and then faded sweet into the night sky …