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Deer Sighting


Traveling a winter highway at nigh,

they began a couple at a time,

lovely, graceful, dancing with a why,

could there be beauty so sublime.


A couple more and then some more

I was able to slow down to observe

the beauty of a small herd of four,

yet, some more would that I swerve.


On the highway, checked my rear

to see the lights noticed my slow

I was delighted to see so many deer

a total of nine, all following whole.


We can pause our human interactions

to delight in Nature, a lovely distraction.


photo found on Google images

Strange Motivation

When finally we realize the word

how to suggest someone somewhere decide

what value belongs inherent absurd,

or are we all along for the same ride.


Did we discuss just where to draw the line

instead an arduous reality might

call upon confusion that’s mine

tossed around windswept as a cloudless night.


The wonder of human nature’s measure

when rightful aberration is implied.

such anxiety that our hearts assure

our body and soul on pendulum slide.


While we seize the day inside earnest pride

Heartbreak is balanced, a virtual slide

Simple Truths

We are in constant search of their kind

In our everyday travels we find


A measure, a notion to confine

Our basic need to again define


Those simple truths, the layers we thought

That help us ascertain who we are we’re naught


A given moment of clarity in a stroll

Allows us to redefine who we are by role


Life is a stage as Shakespeare calls it

Every day we are searching to be part fit


When really if we relax our mind

We might once again come to find


The simple truths are right before our eyes

Standing elegant laughing aloud as we cry


Out-loud with frustration souls having succeeded

In again and again crawling where we are needed


Yet even as we stand alone in eloquent fashion

Are not we still fighting to be guided by notion


We are developed, designed, desired

By mankind a sort of wondrous kind sired


A spoken wisdom that only admired again

May remind our selves of a time we began


To mellow our souls without leading constant battle

To designate the will of our own constrained saddle


Indeed, it may very well turn to a quiet reality

That cast a spell of ridicule upon our sanity


For isn’t it then quite simply the discovered truth

That the human condition when in pause feels youth


The elder passage of time that may recognize august

Again asked to have patience and simply adjust