On The Occasion of Equality

What would happen,

to jealousy,

to envy,

to wanting more,

to wishing that one were less inclined,

understanding the difference

between yours and mine.


What would be said,

when questions arose,

about the ludicrous nature,

of those with a nose

for finding fault in their neighbor

rather than

atoning their own yard.


Where would we go,

if no one would regard,

we are the same …

oh wait –

that’s where we have been

for so many years,

so how is it we finally find

some avenue to recognize

respect is a word,

not simply a thought,

a word we can listen to,

practice, believe with a buy in,

that settles all trivialities

those incomprehensible


keep us yards apart

from unity.

The Want of a Tear

We’d like to believe we will not

yet then it happens,

a simple vision,

a memory,

a lyric reminds me of when …

yet, there are times like these,

a tear seems so far away,

amidst the challenge of staying normal.

How often do we lay out a facade

in the morning,

the right buttons, a proper tie,

perhaps that blouse that covers our shame,

and yet, we do remember,

a time with similar yearning,

our tears did come readily.


I found your old journal when rummaging last night,

the things you’d forgotten about,

I still remember, like yesterday,

I used the words frequently

when in the need of a tear.

Today, though, they remain memory.

We Had This Time

When we might walk alone,

gathering thoughts while in motion,

when neither might be known

except a look, a glance, a notion.

Wish we might, now years later,

understand just how we could ask

for more time, ask for just another day,

when we seamless now today bask

in memory to hold our hands this way.

When my heart feels a pale instance

drawn within a soulful time we knew

our lives were simple and full of chance

when then we held the keys so new.

If I could ask you again without any repeal,

yesterday, to hold me again with open arms,

would you forgive my innocent appeal

could we then no longer feel such alarms.

Our adult hat tricks a mellow state of mind,

creates an urgency that lets go our release

while rather reminding ourselves of that bind

holds our conscience in place; quiet peace.

I remember when I felt like my world was you,

when then I could wait like no-one ever knew.

Immediacy and Now



When I was a kid,

immediacy meant maybe,

I could hope and pray,

yet, always there was that

quiet confusion,

not knowing, well, certainly, not expecting.

Unless, I was given motive,

back then,

if the carrot were dangled I would,

indeed, with the fervor of

ambitious childhood,

be pursuant and indeed,


that chance might merit my desire.


Passion today,

is measured in moments,

nearly seconds of time,

can pass within a notion,

with response, a party of knowledge,

might suggest we all want what we have,

now, immediately, today without wait,


we all know what the waiting can do,

can do,

can do to our fleeting,


We do want and we generally get

want now.


Find the common ground,

that shelter of patience,

that piece of serenity,


just maybe, perhaps, another moment,

of time,

might allow a bit of solace,

beyond the constant need,

to validate our ownership

of, to understand our need to maintain,

the, to recognize a new respect for,

yours, my, yours, theirs, everyone, needs,


Stable Motive

Ceal Floyer

Ceal Floyer

What, tell me, what!

What does it mean to find separation

to compartmentalize,

to be able to suggest

to yourself

its your forte and nothing else

no excuses

no redos

no you cannot feel bad

there are no allowances

for human error.

Life suggests we disconnect

when our needs are met,

the task at hand has been satisfied.

Forget about the tears, the confusion, the lacking

empathy that drifts away with stability.

The time is long enough for me to question

how fitting,

what aspect of my life,

where does it belong,

such a lengthy attribution,

oh, damn, another,

here we go –

because words are easy to release,

its the later ons,

its the oh, maybes,

the ‘if’

When might I understand my ‘if’ moments?

That Space In Between

Where we find hope

Framed by last night and tomorrow

that sight

that helps our tired soul

to want to wish for whimsical


When the sky opens

and sunlight pierces through the clouds

to suggest

some far greater purpose

belongs in our mind

rather than the day to day struggle;

the moments we articulate

our worries

become less prevalent.

When we step

upon the before

and presumed future.

That moment in between

that becomes the now.