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If, Wonder Might Recall

We circle our lives

in a constant twirl

deciding upon a sacred

trust of following trails

cascading in waters

a fresh, puritanical veil

we are always looking,

wondering, in a wander

if this is what is meant

to be our only real.


Remember when as a child

the sweet irony of morning

the sun cast across the sky

our lives simply meant this

moment only, nothing beyond,

we could dance forever

in a myriad of circumstance

always feeling welcome

in the world we did belong.


Sometimes today,

when glancing in our

rearview mirror on this

our life we lead,

we wonder about the tools

we carried forward,

those we left behind,

the evils, the strain,

the confusion,

if only we could keep

ourselves moving forward.


There seems a purpose

to all of this, our memory.

This Was That Place

Where I began,

a small boy sad eyes

would venture forward

inside cloud grey skies

This was the way I began

while all around me lives

gave credence toward

some manner by which

to understand.

This was when I began

to wonder about where

everyone else had gone,

why the constant search,

what could possibly be wrong

with not thinking too hard,

what is right in my mind,

will fall into question anytime,

they might decide to return.

This was where I began,

somehow I do remain here.

When Last We Spoke

I asked you what you were reading, and then asked you,

come and live with me,

and then I received your letter, and you said good bye,

I never ever tried to ask you why,

yet one day I awoke and thirty years of our lives,

had suddenly just gone away,

with our own worlds of accomplishment and regret.

I always have wondered if I had written again,

was there a challenge involved,

How do people stay together that belong apart

by choice, timing, the result of

a decision.

Today I have my world and I visualize yours,

I wonder if we are on the same page,

in a parallel universe,

could we find ourselves looking towards one another,

while we live out the real happiness in our lives.

Face in Shadows


I did a double take,

while she relaxed in the waves,

a quick look, assessing followers

without giving away the moment

lips, smile, a certain nod,

held high but not for me,

while you stole away,

I glanced to see her safe

out of harm’s way,

while we wandered

like two strangers pass

across each other’s lives.

I wondered when we might

if ever on such a day,

would we know each other

outside the shadows …

I looked at her, she seemed ok,

the day’s activities

remain the same,

We’d walk this way again,

nostalgic, you and me,

without any need to stay.


* photo found on pinterest


Those times before

the moment occurs

when the passion is strong

the desire we abhor

a notion that spurs

our memory to try and belong

to the instance

when reflection

caused a stirring memory

a simple chance

a new solution

that inner voice the kind we often bury

See the surreal light

makes our lives real

caught in a masked web of deceit

when we do in spite

wander into a deal

often our hearts reel in defeat

blows off our own

sense of responding

to a variety of recognized attitude

one had I known

I may not be diving

deep into the things said are so rude

So now I seek sleep

to rest my weary body

I’ve toiled the day again just confused

knowing our lives are deep

in the balance of remedy

wishing our lives could only be defused


of sorry moments in regret and despair

those ideals that sometimes love ignites

Back Story

A trail leads to the crest of the hill

A slow walk

Notice rocks shift with each step

Thinking about that moment

Wondering while winding along

Aimless with purpose in solace


I remember a story

However it only gains strength

When retold in detail

Moments to help recognition

And then before, again, one time, always

Another reality that was owned alone


The sun is shining

And eyes explore the landscape

Crossing the moving highway

Another part of town

Just on the horizon

Glances into that one time …


I might rather just keep walking

Indeed the retelling might recall

A vulnerable moment

To help define that arrogance

That quiet, screaming insolent past

I will tell just as I remember it all


The gravel created impressions on my jeans

And my elbows dug into the soil left behind