Changes We Remember

We would sit nearby with a smile

‘yours or mine’

I might add, yours now a grimace

once we made endearing,

tonight I am only alone.


Days ahead we did not think

only knew the now

if I could reach and touch your hair

and feel you move

nothing mattered anywhere.


Tonight while a favorite melody

helps emanate sweet solace

his sorrowful glance

would hide well again

in shadows of time.


For it is the change we remember

will gather always an eternal following.

©️ Thom Amundsen 5/2021

Pachelbel’s Dream


When I was just a kid,

I watched a movie,

about a choir,

a group of talented expectations

each one that had reason,

though the focus upon one another.


They all grew up together,

lived similar lives,

went to the lake in the summer,

played games meant to

out wit one another.


This one day, during a storm,

one of them slipped

why does it always have to be

the tougher of the two

he let go

leaving just the one to hang on.


The moment left him changed

he never went back

always found himself to be

the easy one to blame,

it was just a boat on a lake for crying out loud

how can mystery be so powerful.


Anyway, a story began to be told

and a song could be heard

a life of its own,

and ironically he heard it resonate

one day

after meeting her,

she was so beautiful

and he knew it to be true


he sang the melody of her elegance

inside the irony of a cemetery

all the way home,

he’d found a new life

and she was his muse

long before he might ever know

the mystique of a woman’s touch.


Until he might one day understand her beauty,

he left his fantasy in a place he’d call Pachelbel


his dream.

God Moments

I said that yesterday

I did

It happened


From the moment the sand began to shift

There was no control

No isolation of a misgiving


Every word became partial

To the bigger picture

An incident that began


I stepped inside your world

Realized for a second

How absolute my own life might be


In a similar time we can recognize

We are not so different

You and me, we, us, together – apart


In the God moments

We can find peace

Knowing our lives are designed