I Do Wait


Every day, every sunset, every wake in the middle of the night,

the notion comes to mind,

I do when walking down a lonely hallway,

one that has a regular purpose,

I do wish to know just how many times,

I might find myself not alone,

yet so many miles away,

yet familiar with your smile,

I do wish that I might reach again,

dab that single tear, the one I use to love

to kiss, to kiss,

the one you would let me have.


I do remember sitting in the car

when you said they wrote the song about you,

I shrugged my shoulders, because then I was an ass,

didn’t want to give anything to you, at that time,

I just didn’t know how,

and yet today I want to with all my heart and soul,

and I think about time,and I wonder,

if I might be with you tonight,

could I be that dream,perhaps that sound that wakes you,and for only a moment,

you pause, and smile,

could I be the guy,you wondered about when I went


I did go away that day,

I just wandered away

I watched you look at me

turn away

without saying a word.