Remember Once

There was this book-bag

seemed to hold a truth

some passionate memory

like a one

I could be there I

felt you near me

wanting only your love

and your shared eyes

ours together

we could cry and still

know the truth


My path is my own

I am happy to share as long

as you wish to know me

© Thom Amundsen 7/2021

Years Ago

We stood upon each other’s doorstep

Didn’t know why

Felt we should

The why, a how come, any reason

We searched each other’s to find

That answer why.


Now is today

Our august hours

Yet still doorsteps exist

We choose to wonder

Just shy of asking why

I want to step over

And you your eyes

Speak to my heart, my soul

I would rather cry out

So you might


Exactly why

Is love.