When Last We Spoke

The same words exchanged,

the promises,

the absolutes,

the possibles

the acrimonious,

the …

we smiled and stepped away,

and then it occurred,

that pit in the stomach sort of thing,

that piece of my psyche

suggests did I, or could she, or might he,

really follow through on, what

I said too much.

Or did I – perhaps he did,

she, he, they, her, why

is it we cannot simply go forward with our own thinking,

rather than rely upon other reactions,

other points of clarity,

other responsible reactions to normal life.

Abnormal realities help define our direction,

perhaps, as ugly as that seems,

we all need to take a break from the,

the, the, the, looking, the, looking, the,

searching again, I’m finding I have no way,

to retract what I might have said,

what perception I provided you,

how I fueled the dialogue.

I might have, really, well yes I did …