Sensitive Outcomes


I can recall sitting in your basement in the winter

when I was told to not cry.

I was confused, and actually angry

but then I didn’t know what to do except

let tears stream.

Have you ever been told you wear your heart on your sleeve?

What did you do with the information?

Did you run and hide?

How might you recall the moments

when we were asked not to have feelings?

Or at least

don’t show them around me.

Not today.

Not any day.

Certainly not when we are around

or when other people matter more.

Be confident in a good sob,

in the cleansing beauty of knowing

your heart and soul have released the pain.

In order to begin to feel more,

feel more and more and more!

And then perhaps

you might just believe that stranger

who asks you one day without fail,

how you might feel

wearing their shoes.