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Supremacy Court

Decisions seem beyond the concept of reality,

or perhaps we speak of truth,

our society,

the world we seem to trust and find faith,

is simply lost inside a hypocrisy.

We are a country with mixed messages, mixed races,

mixed emotions,

all drawn together by the masses,

those that seemingly decide our future based upon

individuals gathered together for the good cause.

Yet, we are caught up in faces,

those that suggest peace, while others contain violent


We have a President.

We have a President,

a person elected by millions capable of running office.

Our society though would like to forget about now

and flash forward to tomorrow.

Is it ironic this is happening in February?

This month gives me pause.

Perhaps if we all stop and breathe and listen to the ridiculous nature

of a controlling society,

perhaps then we might begin to walk freely together.

(insert MLK Freedom speech here)

Her Eyes


She sits with cold reasoning

trying to believe

knowing everyone around her


decides to illicit a remark

cements her current posture.

If I look across the room

I can see she is different,

her burqa wraps her fears inside

eyes with tears imagine fear.

Yet this is all we have,

the only part of her,

she let’s us imagine without definition.

We haven’t thought about

later in the evening,

when unless she might clever distract

herself from the evening news,

unless she can simply sit and stare at a wall,

a blank slate of reality she’d rather never leave,

unless she can ignore the fear she feels

when her reality is a constant scrutiny.

She’ll never be able to laugh out loud

without an earshot ignorance spewing bigotry.

She won’t ride her bicycle in public without

a young child being told not to stare.


When I was a young child and discovered someone special,

I was told to look the other way, not asked, simply told.

I thought that rather bold,

when later on in life I realized I was being asked to ignore

another human being for having a soul I hadn’t seen before.

I wonder if they could feel my fear.

I wonder if tears remain the same after all these years.

I wander about without any confidence,

I live with fear, yet, I’ll take it for granted

because I can,

because she can’t I’ll flow my tears

I’ll ask her about her eyes,

I’ll think her lovely today.

I’ll wish her … peace.



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Donald Trump & Everyone Else ( a rant )

Here’s the thing. I wrote a poem based completely upon the persona that Donald Trump showed America in an interview shortly before he gave a campaign speech in Iowa. What is really frightening is that people will actually take the time to listen to him. The man is a fraud of himself and he doesn’t even realize it. He so happy to present an obnoxious intolerant persona, that he doesn’t even have to think about the damage, nor does he have a clue the harm that his words and action bring upon America or the United States as we stand as a Nation. He touts The Bible as his favorite book, but is unable to connect with any spiritual character from the book. I don’t imply that Donald Trump is not a smart man, I only want to impress upon people that he is a dangerous man.

He visibly demeaned a Mexican National when he kicked Jorge Ramos out of his press conference. He even went so far as to bully him, and sternly tell him to sit down. This was a passive man asking a question. Trump eventually said, ‘go back to Univision’ before having one of his goons remove the reporter. Let’s think about that for a minute. What does ‘go back to Univision’ imply when speaking to a Mexican immigrant? It suggests go back to Mexico because you don’t match up to the standard I see America living, or you don’t fit into my grand plan.

My wife has compared Trump to Hitler. I have disagreed until tonight. Imagine if this man was in charge of our country. First of all it would take years for him to understand the process of being the POTUS because right now he just thinks it is a position he can own with money. It is a sad commentary to have the masses of our nation get behind a person that represents taking everything away from the poor and the lower middle class, the people of color, the immigrants and anyone else who does not have the where with all to survive in the world Donald Trump believes he will create.

I do sincerely believe that he does think that is possible. His ego is being stroked by every person that looks him in the eye and smiles whenever he says anything that desecrates the political process, or when he slanders or destroys in words only the credibility of people running for office or running our country.

Tonight before his rally – I didn’t watch the speech, but I did see Ann Coulter at the podium introducing Donald Trump. Think about that for a moment would you please. She is a self-proclaimed racist, last time I checked. What a pair of people to represent our nation. My wife’s analogy is becoming more and more believable with every appearance Donald Trump makes on his campaign tour.

We are a diverse country. We are not expected to all get along together. But at the same time, we must begin to realize that what Donald  Trump represents is nothing more than the 1% wielding their power and control of the American dream, if that still exists. If we put someone like Trump in office, we are suggesting we are an ignorant populace in a democratic country that is willing to throw their freedom away as a result of a disparaging, conceited, clueless, loud-mouthed narcissist that could care less about anyone but his own image carved into a statue that is gaudy and mis-representative of everything our founding fathers created for this country. Mount Rushmore doesn’t have enough volume of rock to accommodate this egomaniac’s head. Wake up America!

Good night moon!

Racism, Hate, Evil, Bigot … Reality

I want to wrap my head around the pain,

because that is where we belong,

we cannot forget the horrific loss,

the tragedy of humanity at its finest,

buried within the wild constraints of evil.

Where does it lie, just waiting?

I know myself when I walk into a room,

a certain baggage wrapped underneath

a well defined mockery of who I am in the moment,

yet no pistols, no hate, no racist bigotry

anywhere near my body, completely vacant

from my mind, I am left tonight only feeling tears.


I don’t understand where we are going,

when I was a child, I used to remember

hearing about the bad things,

having to listen to the news, and searching

the expressions, my mom’s distant looks,

my dad’s confused head shake as the meal prepared,

we were all a family just trying to get along,

trying to figure out a way to understand

only just then what was happening in our home.


We weren’t worrying for the moment about

Vietnam, Kent State, MLK, Malcolm, RFK,

we were singing Beatles songs and now recalling

the beauty that JFK provided for those few short years.

We never had the chance to see what life would be like

when MLK would finally turn 64, when Malcolm would speak

further, when the world’s leaders weren’t gunned down,

because some crazy assed american could make it happen.

I won’t give you crazy assed american the honor of capitalizing

the first letter of our proud nation, the one you desecrate

with all of your base, and evil, entitlement.


I want to say, well, to get to the end of my notion,

which cannot ever really end, because the dialogue,

the spiritual freedom, the positive balance,

well that piece of our hearts that allows us to return

to our homes as a family. That piece of sheer humanity,

allows us to live, well that’s the piece we need to get back to.


I’m going to cry tonight because I know not what else to do.

Which Newspaper Will You Read Tonight

I used to get newsprint on my fingertips,

after a few hours of reading the news,

today, its different,

I haven’t the trust in the words anymore.


I plan to continue to know about life

as it applies to daily needs and wants.

Peace and tranquility

would be a lovely story to read today.


I know there are slants on people’s views

well we are left to decide upon our own

virtues and promise,

would that we might understand love.


“I read the news today oh boy” I cried,

not knowing which edition to believe

whose voice is that,

when all the eyes look to their answer.


“About a lucky man who made the grade”

he won’t be coming home for the holiday,

yet we’ll revel

in the beauty that is he that held our hands.


“And though the news was rather sad”

we would continue, we’d all be glad

when someone cried

while we went on with simple lives today.


When then we began to wander alone,

hope to fly, passion to discover time.

“Well I just had to laugh”

I knew the news would return to me again.


Last night before I laid my tired soul down,

I wondered about a painful reality I’d heard,

“I saw the photograph”

again telling a story we’d all heard before.


“A crowd of people stood and stared”

we didn’t know we were looking at love,

instead we raced

ourselves down an avenue of shallow frill.


I can’t read the newsprint any more, too small,

I’d rather see quick sound bites with a pretty face!


(‘A Day in the Life’ – John Lennon, the Beatles)

Election Night Blues

new york times
new york times

I voted for the other guy,

because his wardrobe looked


She is so damn hot I couldn’t

imagine another candidate to


For that is what lies ahead

a tweak of a word with a


When a person decides

the wish to lead our country’s


Have you any idea the scrutiny

any single candidate is left to


In a few weeks, well they may

just back-pedal already not feeling


We are a nation of many

freedoms that you and I


So when then does it say

we should leave our lives to


I have tonight the election day blues

I know not how to escape the ruse.

Political Society

The neighbor lady down the street from her

speaks well around election time for sure.

She won’t question her on another day

but the news rather steered her views that way.

Seems the economics of the times call

for unity, with time, before we all fall

inside the cavern; unraveling hope,

the scourge limit our President’s true scope.

Where did our dignity decide to run

while we each day survive inside the sun.

Each one of us another part of life

then how could we all come upon this strife?

There’s a man out there whose ideals are real

Yet she’s convinced his hands are off the wheel.


Maya’s Lasting Impression

I have tears this evening

Pools, welling in my eyes

Imagining a spirit soaring

Streaking across our skies.

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

To recognize the human condition

To celebrate her marvelous vision.


We were hearing your words

Welcoming a stately event

All of us gave pause afterwards

This new sound began an advent.

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

Realizing today we have a mission

Heartfelt we wish only inclusion


You spoke eloquent verse

Eyes that recognized nature

Passion of a healing nurse

We needed a path mature

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

We are a society driven by a common

Ground; shrieks to lessen the demon.


That day, you shouted aloud

Spoke of nations, of people

A message of love so loud

Tipping the cynic’s steeple

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

Know today we have made a decision

Sweet words shall stifle our aggression


Remind me your love today

Compassion, delight in real

Moments may lead our way

Paths we may reach surreal,

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

When will our song bury oppression

Live wise, sing Maya’s lasting impression

War in Humanity

I listened to your crying in the other room

One silly non-descript summer afternoon

I remember wondering now why the tears

Always sure to separate my own quiet fears

At my age couldn’t really be sure what is meant

By daily activities causing feelings that resent

The world’s energy around us playing out ludicrous

Compassionate tones while far away from us

Men were dying at the hands of proclamations

Decrees without treaty sought killing machines

Years later we are a nation of interference

Once again refusing to stay on the fence

When will the illicit wars that we willingly fight

Match up with our humanity’s desire to take flight

Lee Daniels’ The Butler – A Review

Lee DanielsThe Butler – A Review

I threw on a little Billie Holiday in the background because I hoped it might be an appropriate mood setter for writing a review of Lee Daniels’ The Butler. You see, I’m a white guy talking about something very personal towards a black audience, an African-American topic if I may be so bold to suggest importance of genre in this ever-evolving politically correct society.

Last night, my wife and I sat in a theatre with around six other couples, and a few single participants – all of us white to view the film that has certainly brought Forrest Whittaker back to prominence as an exceptional actor. Now remember, he is one of the black, or African-American celebrities gracing the Hollywood stage these days. My wife asked after the movie whether or not all those people that voted against Obama might be pissed off with the ending. Seems we live in a different time than the march on Washington with MLK Jr. or the preaching of Malcolm X, before they were both gunned down. Billie Holiday sweet words in the background, “After you’ve gone, and left me crying.”

What is naturally cool about Lee Daniels’ The Butler is that the context shared was not from the perspective of a film-maker having no business talking about an issue outside of their own race. Please reference Crash, The Help, and 42, all films by white directors.  In this piece, the director is black and the story is personal, consulting reference points that spoke directly to his, to their own story. Throughout the film, we see effects of life on an African-American family dealing with the divide of living amongst a white way of thinking while teaching their own children the values of identity within their own race, during a time when the racial divide was dangerous, volatile and real. On a personal note, I experienced this time through television as a child, and it had a dramatic effect on my way of thinking. But I didn’t come home to it every night. I didn’t experience it while walking to my corner store. I didn’t feel the pain of divide in my white classroom growing up in a closeted Midwestern town as a child. In the film, we see firsthand the painful realities that Cecil Gaines, the butler has to endure when he returns home from the white man’s world to a confused son that is struggling to define his identity as he begins his own challenge to do what is right for his brethren, under the prolific vision of MLK Jr.’s & Malcolm X’s separate but inclusive philosophies.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler tells a story that we don’t want to hear in today’s feigningly forgiving society. His film speaks to the realities of our time, when we can elect an African-American president that despite his earnest values and attempts, receives nothing but ugly scrutiny and divide from a country that continues to ‘behind close doors’ slam shut the avenues of cultural openness that should be the basic tenet of this seeming ‘democracy’ in the United States. Instead, we continue, perhaps more quietly, to manifest our bigotry and sullen ignorance.

I applaud this film and do hope audiences continue to embrace its indictment of a society that will only begin to recognize its failings by looking each other in the eye and appreciating one another’s contributions as human beings rather than allowing the lens of racism to cloud their judgment. Listening to Otis Redding’s closing words, “Its been a long time coming … change has gotta come” I have to really wonder when that time might actually arrive.

Thom Amundsen

October 2013

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Farm road in Champaign County, Illinois Español: Camino de granjas en Champaign County, Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)