We Spoke of Clouds

Ours were lofty plans

no one ever understood

that really was the plan


soft sunsets in woods

we lay in one another’s arms

playing with our moods


looking in her eyes

seeing clouds in satin skies

long before any lies


nature left us bare

with little consequence – love

dance within my dare


as a child winter

would freeze – bone chilling icy

clouds would love deter


In a still moment

I can still hear her laughter

winter’s freeze lament


starry starry eyes

yours would I remember when

I glance toward skies

2:12 AM

Time continuum,

if sleep does come near,

will the moment be gone,

only to return another day,

similar fanfare,

applause of one.

Remember when

we all believed we,

each one of us,

actually lived alone,

the fears of no one else,

always knocking on our door.

Its 2:12 am philosophy

always comes back,

each night to say hello,

yet occasionally

there is fortune in passing,

that night where dreams remain,

we sometimes wish,

the lights might dim

just a little sooner,

yet the timeless second hand

always moving,

forever in motion,

to remind me when

I couldn’t stop time,

moving forward,

losing grasp

upon that which

held my heart strong.

Now tonight,

I laugh at the reality

of the same thinking,

the notions returning,

all of our lives held together

by a memory with chosen themes,

Just when I decide

I’ve had enough,

no longer can I say the same,

I have to accept time is

always suggestive,

waiting, counting, defined.

It’s 2:17 AM

Holding the Edge

sunlit horizon

We have to be so immediate in our caution

the world exists based upon our action

while in a moment I cry,

in seconds later I wonder why

the beauty around me escapes my eyes.

Lost in a cloud of circumstantial worry,

I am allowed only that brief respite to be one

with my identity in the eyes of another.

Yet, how might I tell that other person

all I wish for is to be recognized alone

without masks,

no sweet songs or rhythm

to clarify this state of mind.

Tonight, I watch the sun begin to set

and imagine that world brilliant beyond

the horizon, and I wonder quietly to myself,

if there might be another …

Can we all begin to believe our heart and soul

responds to that same energy together.

Part of You

I am a part of you, if you let me,

I exist because of you, because you let me,

and now it is time to say good-bye

to old ideas,

to former complements,

to suggest we move on and

better understand,

our lives are meant for growing.


When I feel like I do

I sometimes wonder about you

whether you might know the same

if the fleeting moments

still make sense

as that autumn day

when we really didn’t know,

but back when no one really cared.


Now in the twilight

a wide array of life above me

sparkling like layers of brushstrokes

holding court like a canvas

placed in the center room

for everyone’s eyes everywhere

to help recognize we’re not alone,

yet, we really are alone.


So I fill the time with nostalgia,

when I think about you,

and how you might know me today,

I can’t be proud,

I’ve never know how to allow myself

to feel really proud.

Instead, I keep carrying my satchel

the one that holds my dreams,

I can’t afford to spill them

more than I already have …

They remain a part of you.

Relaxing Notions

I am relaxing tonight

Resting my weary mind

Letting everything go

Realizing there is peace

To be found

To be felt

To be framed

Around everything I do

We do

They do

All of those that do decide

To step away from anxiety

Breathe a certain sigh of …

We suggest our lives are driven

Our worlds are interconnected

Are we always meant to wander

Always will our minds create

New decisions

Fresh ideas

Responsive moments

That might include delightful



Opportunities when recognized

Relieve the soul of human burdens