Tag: nostalgia

Afterthoughts About You!

I remembered just today

While whining wildly

In my own quiet solace of course

Strolling through the hallways

Thinking about other things

Distractions, fears, preoccupations

As I rounded the corner

You popped in front of me

A smirk, a look, just that eye contact

Gone again, on your way


When we crossed paths

You didn’t know me

I certainly couldn’t count on you

To know really at that moment

What might be in my head

So why then,

Why is it,

Why do we all believe we can know

What is in each other’s head

At any given moment


Listening to ‘Simple Man’

Recalling years of Lynard Skynard as a kid

Lost in my own dreams

Cruising the hallways

Hoping just once someone might take me aside

Ask me about my,

Ask me a question,

Ask me my name, again

Like on that first day of school

So many classrooms and conversations later

Suddenly here I am, again


I do know you

But only as a nameless pariah

When might I take the time

To recognize you are a real human being

Traveling in circles in your own mind

Trying to recognize your own value

In a sea of merited after-thoughts

All purporting their own agenda

To reach a degree,

Or document of airy reality

They forget, only for a time

Walking the halls

Waiting to be called upon

Rather than forgotten.

Writing Coffee

It’s early morning I can glance.

     The tables dry and clean

And just two newspapers

     Lie at the counter

Barely unfurled by any intellect’s


In my thoughts

     This cafe is old memory.

I’ve seen the sunlight

     Break through polished glass

So many times before.

     See, I sit down here

Pull out my book

      And shifting in my chair

Jolt a hot coffee

      Soiling my pages again.

Wiping the spill silently

       I feign ignorance of those around,

And breathing I try again to see

       Wishing that she might be near.