When Obama Cries

I would ask you this, when your criticism mounts,

do you remember your own tears?

When President Obama shows real tears,

is there a moment when we wonder about ourselves,

when human nature responds with emotion,

we enjoy, we love, we relish the opportunity

to point out our weak society.

When the Newtown tragedy was discussed in your own home,

were there tears, do  you remember,

did you block that part out only because you couldn’t possibly

agree with the truth?

Do you remember the first time your mother told you it is ok,

to cry.

To cry in public,

to recognize we are human beings and sadness when on display

could be powerful beyond display.

Do you understand passion, I believe President Obama wants you to.

Think about your last cry, and honor the beauty of peace

of mind and body.

Think about what leadership means when emotion is honorable.

194 Souls … Counting


I read the news today

Lives, gasps, smiles, tears

On the eve of Newtown

We have lost 194

Children we love

From in our homes across America


When we imagine the skies

Over Sandy Hook,

A sunny glorious morning

Cannot bring back the lives

While we cherish their innocent souls.

From in our homes across America


We will recall stories

Of the lives of kids we

Took for granted

Only for a moment

Playing the sweet sounds of love

From in our homes across America


Florida, Texas

In California

Just today in Colorado

Nevada lost a mentor

Along with countless other names

From in our homes across America


When we realize

Our lives are precious

Seems only a notion

While a memorial

Grieves the reality of love

From in our homes across America


Outside the classic

Lighting drapes a world

We are in celebration

In delightful

Appreciation of their eyes

From in our homes across America


Respect Each Other’ is the plea

Monsignor Weiss of Newtown

Prepares a community

For a reckoning

Of lost lives and sweet hearts

From in our homes across America


Our children, our breath, our … remember!

From in our homes across America.