Rainy Days In Real Form

When walking alone by the naked shore,

Small pebbles hurt the bottom of my soul,

while finding balance in ocean floor whole

I did discover real becomes much more

When standing in the rain to feel soft tease

I wandered further in the sea line edge

wanting somehow to find a proverbial ledge

a place to stand, to hope, to view life at ease.

When contemplating the gray upon my day,

I wondered about still seeking some answer

to the question does remain, when whether

the waves surreal, gather the rains this way.

Oh, to understand the reason a cleanse release

Oh, to recognize nature form a simple peace.


My World

Theresa Slaman

Theresa Siaman – Artist


In this flight, I am the victor

the wind is my guide, the waves my balance,

the forest ahead belongs to everyone who might see

a sweep of nature

an envy of a soaring reality

the world cannot touch except to dream


if we all might know

tranquility …

though as it appears

I am a free for all in Nature’s elegance

my reality is the catch below

your entertainment

your witness to some Darwinian metaphor.

I can and wish to survive whereby I

become a visual reminder in your mind.


this is mine

© ta 2016

*inspiring new artwork from childhood nostalgia


Gravity Is Patient


A Whisper in the Forest


Temperance River – Minnesota


When I whisper

a cool draft escapes

shadowed in morning sunlight

I can see you


all the different angles

of creation amidst the tragedy of

a waiting table of spring


We still find a way

to continue our travel with a blinding speed,

yet some,


awaits a temperate shift

in an earthly climate,

warmth releases them back into the wilderness

a mountain stream.

I wonder if the gasp

my visible contribution

today’s learned lesson of

helpless abandon.

I wonder how often it is we


the gravity of our purpose.


*personal photograph

Will You Take Me With You

Can you come down here

fly me away,

I wait, I watch, I whine,

until I sometimes find I can no longer convey

to you the way

I feel in the morning

after a night of constant concern,

always fighting a demon,

sometimes two or three or many more,

every minute of my time, my life, my place

in this society,

I am blessed to know it is here I exist,

yet I am waiting.

I do believe you’ve got a lot of game in you,

to cause me to wonder for so many hours,

once cannot easily define the time it takes to realize

we’re all fighting the same cooling breeze.

This Was That Place

Where I began,

a small boy sad eyes

would venture forward

inside cloud grey skies

This was the way I began

while all around me lives

gave credence toward

some manner by which

to understand.

This was when I began

to wonder about where

everyone else had gone,

why the constant search,

what could possibly be wrong

with not thinking too hard,

what is right in my mind,

will fall into question anytime,

they might decide to return.

This was where I began,

somehow I do remain here.

Just Waking – A Sonnet

When the skies are meant to design my day

Reflect upon the chosen roads carve my way

While shadow the puddles from the rains

Remind ourselves as we joyful splash remains


Soothe the eyes inside restful morning’s light

Awaken the dreams, desires, places we might

Satisfy our needs as we discuss the hours beyond

Afford your agonies their place to be your bond


Body and spirit, we celebrate in new achievement

Pretty is the mind whose fleeting an ideal element

Become inspiration, a giving soul, no takeaway now

Pretend is a callous yet thoughtful singular vow


When skies in their solemn grey will quiet release

When wonders we alive choose carefully quiet peace.


*photo credit – ester rogers

When Nature Steps In

We are eager like the children we once began our lives

when outside we feel the changing seasons begin a cry

suggest for a time everything motivates our mind revives

itself in the cool winter air, as Mother Nature stops by


For a moment we will stop and watch the descent of beauty

in colorful rays as the atomic nature of energy begins to sigh

when once before a moral hardship might offer less security

tonight, I’m excited to know there will be no other reason why.


I can feel my lonely body anticipate the changing of the guard

a certain smile has me overcome with anticipation of morning

while we prepare our lives to meet the newly christened yard,

we’ll chuckle as all our lives this rite of passage keeps returning.


I want to watch while the sky in methodical thrust covets my why

I wish to by evening know we will swift be layered by Nature’s sigh