When Yesterday

When we start to think about

our yesterdays,

we get scared, well some, me, suppose

the words need only be self-directed,

if validity

is the goal of my game.


I contemplate my day before notions,

those of consequence and reward,

I try to recall the best, when especially drawn

into the abyss of the mess.


A hundred years ago, my embellishment

landed me in places I couldn’t defend,

only wished I had found a way to mend

the indifference,

self-righteous patterns of wanting everything,

my way, my game, my gamble, my favorite



I lost at every step, remembering when leaving

fearing skid row might be my home address

in six weeks or less,

less the confidence, less the support,

lest I drag my ass out of the gutter and realize

there is a life ahead.


However, there is always the readiness,

not choice by personal desire,

but the savior whomever that might be in our lives,

the one and only,


the epitome of letting go,

realizing we cannot, and will never need to do this on our own,



Yet today, I do think about my yesterdays,

and wonder if I might ever step away,

to enjoy the beauty of this,



Lost Generation

While Reality Lives Around Us


Awaken a silent morning,

to hear spring, sweet coo …

song along the river bed,

while tossing lures, reaching deep pools,

waiting for an answer to rise before our eyes,

we will continue to live this way,

a certain peace, a settling pause,

yet, are we concerned about today,

or perhaps wanting to leave tomorrow aside,

for just another hour beyond that stay.


I didn’t turn on the news in the morning,

instead I waited for the natural tune

Earth in quiet repose,

comes alive in my mind,

while I listen for Her sound.

Are we sometimes too fooled

to recognize the beauty exists

in every living day,

rather than the focus of tragedy,

always lurking nearby,

we haven’t the stomach to know

everything haunting that steps upon

a glorious morning, a sunlit melody.


As fallible as our inspiration compels the mind,

can we now breathe in, breathe out, namaste.