When I Was A Child

I remember I could believe in magical things,

the diamonds we cherished in wedding rings

On a sunny day, I could imagine I’d see forever

when rainbows appeared, I would run until never.


When I was a child I recall all of my scary dreams

were mysterious inventions of my fears it seems.

While happiness, security, confusion followed me,

hope, passion, optimism, confidence eluded me.


I remember I could look in a person’s eyes at will

without ever wondering if I might be today’s pill.

I could climb a mile of stairs in a half a minute,

turn around, run downstairs and forget I was in it.


When I was a child I would smile in every instance

I found if I didn’t my world became horrific intense.

I wish I’d decided as a child to let go of my notions

instead no longer might I pretend away commotions.


When I was a child I remember life seemed lovely mild.

A tearful demeanor didn’t determine when I was a child.

Sigh, Autumn

A heavy weight streams beyond a worried eye

skin tease a glint of aftershock in sky,

summer wind reveals the loss, Her hot ardor

romantic wisp, now memories adore


When as a lad out the doors I could run

passion a reminder of setting sun

hours ahead an arctic ground would near

then frozen ice and cool air’s freeze so dear.


Today the sensuous beauty of mind

play a melody for we are in kind

a humanity compelled beyond land

without innocence simple reprimand.


Would that the open sky begin to cry

I’m left in comfort, still wondering why.

Hold Your Children Close

We remember that moment
The dials turn so slowly
That capture forever our time
In your arms
In my arms
Tears that suggest
Truly a miracle has occurred
I remember the eyes
Looking at me in a wonder
Asking to be held
Yet, not knowing why
Just pleading innocence
A natural Grace of need
Really, there is nothing like the beauty
Of cradling love in its purest essence
We recall the first bruising
A simple fall on the pavement
Reared up howls at eye contact
We reach out
To cradle new found fears
In your arms
In my arms
Tears that suggest
We are here, there, and nearby
We know that hearts may swell
When memory gathers momentum
A glance of a familiar icon
Brings a waterfall
Such notions shed light on the beauty
That God has provided our humanity
We know now what then we dreamed
In a flash our responsibility
Becomes a secondary reality
Their world reflects upon
Everlasting hope
Simple faith that draws energy
Hold your children tender so close
Allow their naivete freedom to choose