Eyes Open

Glance outside, slatted reminder

Cloud cover inside rays of sunlight

Awakening to keen choice occasion

Mindless storms set aside today

We are on rhythm designed a hunter

Those whose early rise a sorrow might

Upon now themselves haunting derision

Having practiced in life what we may

For truth will shine in a forever soul

Feel that organic nature of our whole

A startle usually a ticket out of a hole

Skylit harmony help an ugliness ease,

Hold powerful a sweet sensual release

Natural support provide accentuate peace

©️Thom Amundsen 8/2020

Shaded Tone

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Amid a shelter sun glances my natural setting,

I do imagine only the lightest of notion,

the beauty of the day, the ease in time,

to know our lives were meant to live this way.


When the eyes forever see the forest blend,

Is it not a remarkable reality to breathe in,

such beauty in a horizon filled by love,

allows desire, passion, wanton hope evolve.


For I am a single soul in the grip of natural light,

expectant only to travel in peace tonight,

watching the world through leaves of July,

knowing the august of my life is near by.


Feel the breeze, cool dew lays ground,

coming alive, sweet Nature’s bound.

Morning Ritual

Cool haze of a morning frost settles the eye
A sky has a limit and shadows do comply
While I wonder in warmer tonal slumber cry
Winds seek shelter seem to only suggest why.

How is it a mind choose to travel this distance
While away the morning if by given chance
A mood is drawn on canvas a spectacular blue
Pastel reminders of the silliness we eschew

When do I cry in the moment this time allow
If while walking alone in silence wander how
Lonely is a gust of wind a shallow reminder now
Callous is nature at the human condition’s bow

Whisper hello towards a greeter in the quiet release
In this our routine, sweet breathe we a lover’s peace.

A Morning Notion

Begin in sunlit sky beguiler day
The same result might be impossible.
We wander in mind to discover way
Breathe positivity remarkable.
In life to know in peace delightful air
Think heartfelt, soulful, suggest promotion.
Find fortune inside sweet beautiful fare
Solidify choice inside elation.
What hold will truth create family love
Universals speak in magnetism
Celebrate change demand history hove
Live free live dignified mannerism.
I woke again to fright anxiety
Compassion in winsome allegory

Blessed Morning

Energy wise, a blessed opportunity

The light of day, a newer glance today

What I seek, in certainty eye clarity

To imagine hope, we might newly allay


Fear is a constant we choose to allow

Shed the ugliness, fevers mutiny

When then a motive of goodness how

Easily lost sighs shallow scrutiny


In day break, always gracious sweeter winds

Could if contained, breathe symbolic release

We wish to love, eyes open, hate rescinds

All of yesterday, the past, seek our peace.


If once – twice in hours this beauty enhance

Our lives, perhaps this desire speaks less chance

Morning Solace

When wake of day the sunlit rays cause a stir

we might know the beauty of another may.

When soul do cross path, we might register

a new sort of peace, a kindly takeaway


We do welcome the light of day with hope

a happiness may speak volumes so near

to the heart of that which creates our slope

where descend or rise we might commandeer.


while soft the fever of the mourning leaves

the mind to gently wander near to bask

in gentle storms, without wallow she grieves

that very night where he may leave his mask


Sweet the eyes of a waking day might release

Chance pheromone albeit, a lasting peace.

While Morning Awakens

When in the crisp of a fall morning,

the scent of burning leaves nearby

we might acknowledge own mourning

passage, our yearn of a seasonal sky


Our lives in a constant profiled balance

we cannot forget our own human being

exists in realistic terms, not just chance,

that our encounters have little meaning.


Much like the rotation of our morning sun

can we establish some new momentum

one that peace and love to speak upon

with little regard for hyppocratic ultimatum


Would we be the same today as yesterday

might now we choose to live another way.

Good Morning Music

I wake to the sound of the world outdoors

the movement, a series of moving cars

the birds of course or the primary chorus

a sunlit day, windows open, clear pictures


I look for the music that can embrace my day

what sound do I need to find my words

and suddenly I know I am in a listening way

the world as it wakens around me. Glance towards


a sky peeking through full bloom meadows and fields

see the love of nature that encompasses our lives

when questions of who am I and what do I see

perhaps let this simple pleasure our love revives


For when is it on a glorious moment in the month of July

do we suddenly forget to breathe and instead do we cry

Blinding Notions

Ever wonder why we think the way we do,

give it a glorious sunrise and skies so blue


Imagine that today, our lives will be true,

every aspect, every notion, energy anew


Where storms lie ahead we would simply imbed

an attitude of resilience, fighting off the dread


When tasks jump as obstacles, we might dodge

for in the best of interest our hopes will lodge.


I began to wonder about life as it were

and realized often my world is a blur


So rather than figure it out every day,

I challenge you to think of a different way.


Ever look into the morning sunlight so blind,

your eyes with intensity, still echoe the mind.

While Reality Lives Around Us


Awaken a silent morning,

to hear spring, sweet coo …

song along the river bed,

while tossing lures, reaching deep pools,

waiting for an answer to rise before our eyes,

we will continue to live this way,

a certain peace, a settling pause,

yet, are we concerned about today,

or perhaps wanting to leave tomorrow aside,

for just another hour beyond that stay.


I didn’t turn on the news in the morning,

instead I waited for the natural tune

Earth in quiet repose,

comes alive in my mind,

while I listen for Her sound.

Are we sometimes too fooled

to recognize the beauty exists

in every living day,

rather than the focus of tragedy,

always lurking nearby,

we haven’t the stomach to know

everything haunting that steps upon

a glorious morning, a sunlit melody.


As fallible as our inspiration compels the mind,

can we now breathe in, breathe out, namaste.