Full Moon Solitude

There again,

distant indications

always aware above

all other aspects of reality.

Glance through windows,

presence has arrived

to perhaps cause shudder,

maybe another frame of mind,

before actually seeing the light itself.

Whole neighborhoods respond to your coming alive,

in the shadowy grace of cast marvels.

We all may wonder

as your trail wanders across the sky,

yet still when we remain and your light

travels further away,

could we recognize the same notion

exists many miles away,

as do others while the words measure on,

defining purpose again,

under the light of the moon.

Late Nights

Silence the tube

that distraction

a genius contraption

has me wallowing well into the night

the dark world surrounds me

without daily activity.

When I step outside

I feel the chill of discretion

everyone is hiding

deep inside the forest of our mind

we are all challenged by the silence.

When in the break of day

we can surround ourselves

with horns and traffic, faces and eyes

at night, in the twilight

all we are left with is imagination

the surreal reality of what lies around us

the unknown that we sometimes favor

quite readily rather than the known.

Step into a forest, a real woods

trees and brush that will envelop

any novice in the night sky

hope for a moonlit horizon

to help one traveler realize their way

to find their compass in the sky.

At night, while I now sit in silence

having extinguished modern electronics

I sometimes wonder

what is the attraction to my insomnia

beyond the reality of my quiet anxiety.

Moments by Moonlight – A Sonnet




We are a memory in someone’s eyes

unless we forget to glance where it lies.

How many evenings have we remembered

late shadows a rendezvous; we weathered

a storm of passion tasting skin envy.

Our searching mind tells tales known, every

lost moment by moonlight, when still we pause

to feel the solar tug of Nature’s cause.

For love is held in our hands in fashion

sparkling fires, tidal waves of passion,

become easy to notice, midnights glow.

Soft heart’s enter anew sweet nectar’s flow.

Such energy is fond in memory

while keeping well at bay our lunacy.

Moon Light Mix


time in notion

when circles reflect a passing star

way down in the heartland

we be walking a journey

getting from that place to a destination

while our ideas and thoughts

collide with the events of the day

At first we reflect

on the lunacy of our fears

that conversation

that interaction

that needed confrontation

when our worlds

recognized one reality

we might yet

not get it so quickly

in fact a cloud of judgement

may distract our clarity

and the walk continues

now a stroll and we appreciate

darkness in all its lustre

allowing mystique

to embrace our held hand

scenario of exploring

the neighborhood – sort of speak.

I would like to realize the nature

of a moon’s full amber assault

on my quiet suburban lifestyle