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One Day In Time

I thought about this

quite some time

a discrepancy

a moment sublime.

I thought about one day

I made up my mind.

I thought about love

I seemed to glance above,

only to find,

I was losing my mind.

Some choices

were meant to be blind.

I was meant to survive

to find solace in my rewind.

Seems we always recall

a necessary fall

that covers us all

with an insecure gall.

I wondered about time

in the span of a day,

a wandering respite

took a while now today.

A Banished Soul

It’s been banished

deep inside his own soul,

a non-believer

a decider.


While begging


all seems a regretting



Like this is supposed to happen

common rants

hopeful outcomes that then

deliberately trip on ramps.


An all extolling soul

would already,

having seen the cast in whole

stay at the ready.


Far inside the mind

a torn facade of truth

speculations unwind

– the way back to her youth.


Simply have to be who – they

nothing faulty

lots of convoluting slam.

leaves the soul less guilty.


a wisp of sweet summer fall

and the heart is clean

the soul swindling infidel

long set sail, peaceful scene.


Perhaps a clue, any idea

what we are talking about

who they are in the media,

instances dreamt afloat.


Commonality is our swoon

like life, living in a festoon.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Outside My Head

Dance in pummel of sordid thought,
a barricade decries our pleasantry
instead wreaks havoc selectively.

Oh furrow inside a mindless dream,
play the fool to hide the scream,
a brain has energy of certain matter.

We shadow our true identity
in search of some promised land,
yet, seek it alone, for is travesty.

Only strength of character survive
a constant of scrutiny sewn society
that places a marker on well being.

In the glorious sunshine of summer’s way
my spirit parlay the human condition today

On Sheltered Words


If when I choose to lay my soul

I’m careful to always remain whole

then will the clouds ahead remain

waiting with a vengeance innane


while waking again with a certain fear

I lay in my space afraid of what is near

I want only to be happy without sad

reminders that eventually turn me mad


when left inside this hollow grave

of hidden passions and love so knave

one cannot help to feel a bit absurd

to know that now when is this, word.


If ever I might step inside my mind

a new foray without my constant remind

of terror in dreams, of haunting desire

then maybe I might then now inspire


A child walked past my window today

he was living out loud the rites of May

I watched his little body traverse the soil

curious when would then he meet his foil


I am an adult today by world standard

I live and breathe as love that mattered

exists in a dependent cycle of freedoms

without matter of the girth of kingdoms.


I am a quiet soul inside my sheltered peace

the storm of agony always wills release.

Beauty’s Repose

© ester rogers
© ester rogers


In twilight hour

when moonlit streaks

in nighttime waves,

sudden urges mount

a heavy heart

to wonder when, maybe how,

in the brightness of day,

the change will be made.

Such round orb mentality

skewed resource of fragile

strength within the heart’s

own organic timing,

waits again for fear and indecision

purveyors of frailty.

As children our eyes

looked into the night sky

while idle threate

left themselves at our door

as magical monsters,

under our beds, safely odd.

Tonight in a lit sky

a future relevance

speaks more clearly

than a windswept morning

soon to drift past

the time of reckoned need.

The human mind,

once known as power,

now retreats home,

so we might allow

our soul to wander

quiet in beauty’s repose.

Society in War


Is there a fair alliance we live in this hate

can we appreciate any everyman’s pain together

Our stakes seems to be in a constant state

always in the news, a new tragedy unfolds

across the world, outside my back door,

doesn’t really matter anymore, we are alone,

inside our own sort of acid driven nightmare,

each one of us walks together with a fear,

that somehow this might all meet a demise,

yet, everywhere I look I can see your peace,

in your eyes,

I see it, beautiful and sweet,

we all do have that look,

only if we might allow its return.

So often we might believe the timing wrong,

today really sucks, so tomorrow I’ll change,

and that’s just inside your own head,

the guy next to you hasn’t any clue.

Imagine if each of us could in a moment,

take the mind of another nearby,

for just a couple of hours,

instead we seem to just walk by,

we ignore the reality of our own,

simple, not complex, delivered

human lives. If we might stay there,

stay quiet in resolute acceptance.

If only I might stay out of my head.

Climb Inside My Dream

Sun peeks in morning light

Beckon early notions

Spiritual grace is here to be heard


We choose that path

Too often our dreams

Collide inside a battleground

Grasping for truths

Why do our desires wrap around

Such silly sacrifices


And the day moves on

Compelling activities

Just out of reach

As the mind overcomes

Any chance of redemption

Again we pause we compromise

We catalogue our ideas

For a sunny day



The sky is blue


I have a voice inside

Is stronger than my will

I wish it to quiet on certain days

But I cannot get it to hold still

My heart beckons for an easier way

To wish upon a star in silly terms

To hope that life might give away

The stumbling blocks with no turns

And now that conversation

Still holds strong as my words

Delay any sense of accomplished

… Dreams


Climb inside my fantasy

For a day

Wish for spiritual reckoning

In His way

Make allowance for nature’s terms

All one may


Innocent elegance is yet a dream.

Deeply Driven

The mind uses

Clever considerations

Every breath

Feels its wrath

A memory

A notion

An alarming reminder:

Crossing the street

I noticed

Walking alongside friends

Double back


My mind responds

New anxiety


Highway moment

Thoughts again

Realized a situation


Want to scream

I can

I’m in a car

Travel at speeds

Not as fast as my mind

Shocking truth

Simple reality

That life contains no

Mystery mystique memory

Only opportunity.

When I sit to question

What works why when

Rather than that this then

Indifferent to the sky

Same circle of loss

Tired and broken decided fatigue,

Whisper new horizons exist;

A dove sings only momentarily

To make allowances for change

For in the mind reactions may

Remind ourselves we will respond

A new day, a new synapse; endorphin heaven