Days Ago; Weeks Ahead

Did you wonder if it was about then,

that time, when we,

well, while the world grew cynical

around our own lives.

Did you ever think

we might be as necessary

the cogs in the wheel,

as anyone else who symbolized

that same hypocrisy.

Would you walk with me,

just for a short while

so we might again wonder

if that was ever really that


Many days,

the long stretch of an hour,

the time it takes to wonder why,

I do want to cry,

instead I’m told,

‘say good-bye’

and let memory take the place

of what is today’s reality.

It’s just,

there are times,

there are these wisps of my imagination

tell me bold,

what a lovely time you always were.

I still don’t know if you’ll ever read this

the same way you could read my eyes …


*photo found on Deviant Art

These are the people I remember

I listen to a certain melody to bring me somewhere,

need to step out of where I am,

perhaps an escape,

one might call it a sojourn,

only works when I can find my right rhythm,

my beat, my way of departing from my real place,

into that world of imagination.

I use music to get me there,

but it can take a lot of hours,

just like the many days that have passed,

those that I recall when the words and tones of music

help me return to that place,

cold or bitter with the pain of my reality,

I can still find myself there.

I listen to music to bring me home again,

to that place we’re only supposed to go when we are ready to be there,

I suppose it is like a journey to another time,

that imagined pedestal too high to climb.

I have my music as a sort of blanket,

that one to suffice when emotions raw I can’t handle any outcomes

on my own.

I need your music to bring me there, again.

I Have These Dreams


That I am suddenly in a different place,

this world of ours so fluid with change

I find I am constantly losing my own face

when everywhere motives we rearrange.


I’m sitting in my own privacy tonight

suddenly I have some flash of memory

I’ve been there before, I remember I might

have known better a circumstance, a story.


I wonder if everyone has that flash of significance

where they feel like if just for that single moment

I could walk back through space and take a chance

would I then feel better about the ills I lament.


When on occasion I do allow my mind to rest

the feeling is remarkable that life is not a test.


About People

I wonder sometimes,

probably far too much,

about people and their reactions

to me.

Well there’s a starting point to hell,

imagining I can figure out

just why

someone chooses to scrutinize


There is evidence

to suggest without ceremony.

the majority,

that is us in one line together,

we do stand

to wonder about each other

all the time,

just more noticeable

when it truly is all about



I walked directly past you today,

and your eyes averted,

were challenged to say hello,

when my greeting,

was the first issue.

Then it was a forced harmony.


I get that a lot,

usually just me.

Lifestyle I Swear

This is who I am

you see

out on display,

this is my world,

I only pretend to not see you.

Actually, I am afraid of you,

for fear,

there might be a time,

when suddenly you reveal

who I really am

to myself, to me, to everyone

that stands around me,

when I present this way.

My lifestyle,

my goal is to be somebody,

some person,

some individual

you might remember on another day,

once this moment with me,

disappears into that sea

that distanceĀ of whomever we are,

when we need to be,

just a lifestyle choice

on a hot summer day,

I swear.