Measuring Distance

The lady had a tape measure at the beach

seriously, that is how she is coping,

can you fault her

are you perfect

wearing one

or critical eye

while the world around us

does ponder

is it you, them, that one time, yesterday,

how many people if it’s me

can I count on one hand, maybe two,

or hundreds perhaps

it has been five months by now,

maybe weeks before, several days, one day

maybe only one person

that matters


© Thom Amundsen 7/2020

Beauty is Love

picture found on 'poem a day'

picture found on ‘poem a day’


We try to define our concept of beauty

in glamour and complement, rich in hue

yet wild while indecisive fear give plenty

to insecurity we are left feeling only the blue


We pattern our actions to design a facade

masks that some would protest to be real

when examined difficult arguments we’d laud

this is our truth yes, we have no shame to steal


Walk alongside one another on a sun streaked

morning to realize we all glance quite the same way

no matter our exterior coats we have so tweaked

all contain swift reality we all cherish with our day


stand close now to glance together the sky above

delight, cherish, explore sweet landscapes in love

In Dreams We Cry

© Ester Rogers Photography

© Ester Rogers Photography


When I want to cry, yet I cannot, the mask will

hinder my ability to cast a shadow upon my eye.

While the world exists with little regard to handle

the crisis I feel will always create my own why.

I cannot return to what once was that world,

whether we might know one another or not,

we will not ever be the similar paths twirled

around realities and dreams we thought.

Howsoever simple the grand design may seem,

some how we are all at risk to find a flaw,

a rip in the fabric of what we did call the seam,

the layered security no longer, as we saw.

Fit to live our lives together in a certain harmony,

when my mask seemed fitting, I’m lost with thee.