Jealous Streak

Walking in public

I will follow the man on the corner

In the linens I cannot define

Carrying his briefcase

Shoulder bag

Satchel that seems to fit fine

And my mind will race

Trying to define

Who I am while his stride moves forward

What will I achieve

With this intensity

Because that’s what it is

Every person I encounter

Will sap my energy

And before I can say hello

I’ve already made my exit

Not physically of course

But that mental awareness

That numbs to the moment

What rationale causes me to feel spite

When I see a material weapon

A flaunting reality of a world I cannot touch

What creates my need to abandon

Who it is I am today

Why is it when I look at a television

The illusion I observe becomes the nature of my envy

Just when I feel ok with who I am

I realize how boring I might really be

Despite all the love

Beyond the compassion

Away from any recognized reality

I will instead refute

By my own neglect

The beauty of my human condition

And how just by having eyes open

I can be a contributor to those around me

Why is it then I feel darkness

A shouting match filled with vitriolic


the traveling fraud

Not really so bad

Only not enough

Only this

Lonely identity fitting of the man on the street