‘Slowly Melting Snowy Vistas’


An idea,

a visual reminder

to help find footing

rather than wallow

in what might feel lost,

our lives precious,

imagine only

nature is a cycle

eternal while forever.


Once while in wonder

reminded by favor

a slow descent in time

while all around

lives experience

a monotony of time

wishing purpose

witness a warming

allows our lives

to know change

always a measure

the melting horizon

might we seek

a cleansing challenge.


When the dial

shall evolve

daylight turns to

a mysterious shroud

where our eyes

opaque shadows

awaits our return

only to discover

with the rising sun

earth has begun

a new journey

again, spectacular

beyond occasion

this is our next day,

a blossoming spring.


Purposeful vistas

do slip away,

only to offer

sweet reminders

how along the way

our lives interact

in as magical way

might the landscape

of this mortality

give reason we

can know

the familiar

as well

as confusion

in a continuum

we have not

lost our way.



Dreams I Miss


Because the night holds fast to dreams and chance
we know our passions practice elegance.
When sailing in a twilight state of mind
we will wish our stories slight soon rewind,
captured by a romantic happenstance.
Gentle breeze study marvelous distance,
while floating above a cloudy fragrance
our mind breathes sweet pearls in the sleepy night,
while weightless now our body travels light.
Because the night
speaks loud quiet painter’s canvassed freelance,
leaving earthly confines in its restful glance.
Soft the notion draws delicious delight
of worlds far different we wish were right.
When sudden we awake in an instance,
because the night …