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Working On A Love Story

It’s true I might have one,

I heard about it on the radio,

you know one of that, one

and done love me rodeo.


See these two people can listen

that’s exactly who they are 

nothing more to hide behind when

you know love just can’t get far.


They stood on the street corner

watched those onlookers nearby

not realizing a caring world together

cannot keep this racing in a derby.


I heard that on the radio too, a little woe

much is the difference between this woo.


There’s a love story inside all of us, it’s true

Why else would our lonely nights be blue

Why else would our lonely nights be blue

© Thom Amundsen 11/2021

“I Read The News Today, Oh Boy” – John Lennon


He always did have a reason to speak, when his lyrics would wind our mind,

“Watching the wheels turn,” he seemed clearly in command of his time,

While we the listeners would be in a constant trance, a mellow sweet remind

How easily his lyrical mastery could make a dull afternoon be sublime.


Often the names and faces of humanity lose their certain authenticity

When this our society continues along a road so designed to fail.

We gather steam to criticize the Man, the friend, the neighbor; duplicity

Becomes an only nostalgic desire, when spinning  our arms flail.


Oh to hear it said by a pundit’s Machiavellian tongue, meant to misconstrue

We rest our mind to know we haven’t a need to hear it all, day, long.

Rather everyday a glance in the sky to recognize the world is only as true

As a remarkable miracle, allows our hypocritical lives to finally belong.


Yes, “it was 20 years ago today, Sergeant Peppers taught the band to play”

We all took in the moment, singing “all you need is love”- live life this way.


Wonder Wheel

A melody

in a state of mind,

a thought motivates

a certain disc,

recording, desire to hear

a nostalgic notion.

Used to be we would


lift the cover off our lives,

to keep the dust away,

listen for hours

to a melody that suggests

we live this way,

in a rhythmic trance,

a desired place,

a travel along simple horizons,

nothing complicated,

only the beat,

perhaps a lyrical ecstasy

would be our caveat.

I can remember every time

a song would bring back my life

to a place once before

where I was,

alone in a space of time,

suspended by that notion,

to some a disbelief

to me always,

a taste of promise.

Old Songs

Old lyrics, old words, same outcome,

I could listen to Janis Ian all night long,

talk about being ‘seventeen’ growing up,

she brings tears to my eyes,

I can’t exactly tell you why,

perhaps it is a memory,

maybe nostalgic,

there are so many lives I’d wish to live again,

and music,

like Carly Simon talking about marriage,

I seem to feel there was something there,

something I always yearned for.

Now years later,

I still delight in the search,

the finding of meaning,

that is what we all seem to need,

from time to time,

I can recall,

there was a special time,

when I felt like things were,

just alright,

you and I,

laying on your couch and skipping school,

we were being adults then,

I was playing with love.

I wouldn’t guess I could go back,

find it, find that, place, find you,

I wouldn’t find the same moments again,

I’d only stand in the room, trying to reenact the energy,

because that truly was the mystique,

the energy we shared together,

to create our optimism … our love.

So tonight I’m listening to old songs,

I do that when I’m feeling sad,

actually, even as a happy man,

a good melody …

Joni, Joan, Judy,

well, they all seem to grab at my heart –

strings …


Music, Please! (Random Notes)


I remember

There were days like these

Soft mornings, just waking

Eyes adjusting

The steady fog of reality

Waiting in the silence

Laying in bed only to begin wondering again

What shall I do

Who might I become

How could I even begin

The eyes have certainly stepped in


…and then the music began

crooning my mood well into the pierce of radiance

… sunrise …

she was now standing before me

with her seductive veils

and graceful dreams

reminding me that not so long ago

her spirit was in my heart locked in forever

while the cliffs and regions of fear nearby

seemed only after-thoughts

knowing our lives were caught up

the elegance of living out our own fantasies

the dawn of deliverance


‘Oh baby, do you remember

Laying in that green grass’

Grateful to VanMorrison for bringing me back

To the only one I love

She drives my soul to wake in the still air

Allow a tune to assist her return

Special moments drifting our energy together

Wherever you might be can you listen a moment

We’ll be together forever then

Dancing well into the autumn nights

Slipping through the silent fog of our reality

Loving you, loving me


‘Baby, you’re the only one who could ever help me’

As McCartney might always state it so clearly

With a rift of desire splendid in such telling degree

To answer all the confusion that first waking brings

After a night of checking out to rest our souls

We listen to music to air our desires

Set a tone

Bring a melody home

And bathe our stains with a cleansing freedom

That allows our heart to regain spiritual reckoning

I used to let the record player

Repeat itself for hours

Was not as much the lyrics

As the cadence of driving notes

Allowed me to sigh with clever poise

Something that gives the coldest heart a feverish

Release of emotional fury.


Imagine all the people …

Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café (inspired by an elder gent sleeping away)


When the sun begins to set if you see me

Slumped over and holding onto my knees

While the world continues to pursue real

Life situations that matter to them today


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Would be too much for me to say


I would rather be remembered for being alive

With a passion and verve for calling out love

Playing the gentleman that aspires to hold

Court with the beautiful people every day


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Would be too much for me to say


If I may please allow me to take a few gasps

While I nap for a time and enjoy the view

Let me feel the splendor, the beauty, the grace

Of elegance that plays my eyes in every way


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Would be too much for me to say


Let me thrive in the quiet slumber of today

When everyone has smiles and dialogue

To share their stories, their ambivalence

Holding onto the common pour of the day


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Might be a story I might share one day