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Grateful Elegance – revised (2011)

In my world

I am given shelter.

In my heart

love has been offered.

In my mind

I have found decision.

In today

I celebrate life, love, and family.

In my life,

I have been free.

I remember … playing silly riddles


Wondering why wishing wells

Didn’t really exist.

Imagining important incidents instilled

happiness and calm.

Losing little lessons learned

might make me sad.

Quiet quests quelled questions

that angered my soul.

Holding high hopes haunted

my lonely outcomes.


Inside my dreams

I could imagine a Spiritual


If only I’d allowed my soul

To appreciate beauty as it were;

And not that which I desired

I would be lifted to a newer plane

Of memory and resolute passion.

If in that moment

I could realize God’s hand.

“And today I will embrace

delight of memory

grace of belonging

notion of nurturing”

Our lives seek one path

Together and that reckoning,

That is true Elegance lived.

Following Day’s After



Man has put out feelers
long tenuous arching snares
that miss their mark.
one can never truly define what is read
and that which becomes dark
blackened by the mystery behind motive.
today a measuring stick is reasonable
firm in reach yet tacit by length and need.
in the evening again rounding angles
that suggest hearkening passion will follow
the thrust of nature’s will.
we are all the same
we are all the same
We are all
wishes wanton will the
measure that again and decide
upon argument can
point of reference
in touch, in eye, in noise,
inclusive yet exclusive.
reward me that and let notions become
a fallacy’s playground.

Marry Me, Undisclosed

I select you to live

To cherish and forgive,

Hold me when I cry

Grasp my needs as I try

To open windows today

That which my heart may

Be drawn inside your passion

Unscorned if that is fashion.


I’m speaking of society

That ownership of sanity

That describes our reality

That denies our sanctity.


We are alone with our lives

And our government derives

A certain ruling on love

Holds a well formed fitted glove.

That seals our fate

With quiet mandate

Yet that instinct sings the blues.

Sultry, sensual, sexy you


My desires are skin deep

As I travel and your eyes keep

Me moving forward I reap

Such beauty I want to leap


Only in your arms at this moment and tomorrow

And wish no one to legislate otherwise today.

Besides That

The other day

I recalled sitting in a bar

drinks on the way

seeing laughter afar


I would wait until the moment

a fellow drinker arrived

and we’d begin our lament

how our lives were denied


By the pangs of society

The truths we belied

We wanted our liberty

to arrive here we sighed


Years have passed

since I took that last drink

I realize just how vast

my denial danced on the brink


of quiet disaster

living a fantasy

no room for laughter

simply a travesty


today I will be grateful

that I’ve found my reality

my life has become full

gradually found my sanity


This is my journey and I speak of solace,

That real fortune helps me seek Grace

Morning coffee

I wake quiet

feeling the sunlight

watching windows where

hours earlier – reflect my inner soul.

a coffee is near by

emanating a deep roast

as morning begins to take shape

thoughts returning

while mystique’s slumber slips away

task upon task upon

how might I respond today

and for a moment

I glance into the light

safe warm rays to guide me

step out of my mind into the Radiance

and for a moment

my worries sway

a new energy awaits my mind

while the world begins its unwind.


Naked Twig

Sometimes I wish

More bark could be torn

From that twig

Carried in your 

Little hope chest

That one representing

Our first lover’s quarrel.

You remember the one

While sitting by Isles

Discussing our future

Still innocent lovers

Falling into each other’s 

Scared and lonely eyes

We were still

            way too

             far too much in love

                     to fall apart just then

Your fingers tore 

Fragments of bark

With every silent moment

Until the wood lay bare

And alone the twig

Held new life

Like an old coat 

Thrown away

Yet I noticed it later

The twig somehow

The bark pieces

Which you’d so patiently

Stripped away

Remained in Memory.



Writing Coffee

It’s early morning I can glance.

     The tables dry and clean

And just two newspapers

     Lie at the counter

Barely unfurled by any intellect’s


In my thoughts

     This cafe is old memory.

I’ve seen the sunlight

     Break through polished glass

So many times before.

     See, I sit down here

Pull out my book

      And shifting in my chair

Jolt a hot coffee

      Soiling my pages again.

Wiping the spill silently

       I feign ignorance of those around,

And breathing I try again to see

       Wishing that she might be near.



Old Ideas

I’ll forget my past 

One day

When sitting in a rocker

Having been placed there by 


Hands that carry the strain

Of years of tolerant love

She’ll smile and sigh

And readjust my collar and tuck my wrap

-apple cherry stained tweed-

And with pained expression

She’ll heave another log into the fire

While vacant eyes behind her

Glisten and sparkle to the embers she stokes.