In A Word


I look around the room, and see many lives,

all with private notions in a public display,

some busy developing futures, others, well,

just visiting expecting nothing less,

nothing that might upset their routine.

Way back then, there was the occasional gunslinger,

came to town and everyone feared,

the local sheriff would earn their badge,

settling the deed, at the local saloon.

That was sort of a lawless time,

whereby everyone survived by virtue of their own space,

how they protected themselves from outside

demons, the enigma of evil, terror.

Society modernized and laws began to take effect,

each neighborhood creating rules for safety,

so that the badman with the scarf over their face,

could be identified earlier than later, people saved.


So why is it today when I go to have movies entertain,

I will always have fear of being gunned down and slain.


*photo credit to DeviantArt