Only The Glow of My Laptop


It is a summer night now to be sure

My mind is beyond always elsewhere here

I wonder listen to the bullfrog near

Lily pad in fiction’s eerie picture


I wait for the silence of night rhythm

Tells me of some other creature nearby

A passing wolf, perhaps more fox in sly

Quiet wood serenade in Nature’s hymn


Sheltered in a structure deep in forest

A man imagines life is elsewhere now

Though tell me natural sound like this how

Often we forget this simple task best


There’s a beaver pond outside my window

Tells me life begins well beyond my know

Photo – Pinterest

My Life Blood

Watching with trepidation

while you leave me

having little regard for my loss,

the empty feeling that will ice my mind

slow, deliberate, ticking like a clock,

I can’t feel it but so visual

is your action, leaves me

holding onto today’s knowledge,

with questions, concerns, ideals,

all of which cannot be answered,

you know this only too well

when slapped by certain departure …

my laptop battery’s demise will win.