Tag: kindness

Oh Waukesha!

I know a person in Waukesha

She is my you

We all in a mirror

See our eyes

Know a tear a sword,

A knowledge

That if we could hear the pain

Her pain, his, they, we all feel

We sow the empathy

Even if rather avoid.

Oh her kindness

She is my you

Our us

A people who will look

Each other in the eye

And love.

Oh Kindness.

Oh, Waukesha!

©️ Thom Amundsen 11/2021

Waking to Love

Sweet remedy

a kindness draws eyes

a wander

inside foggy interior.


While each passing hour

holds promise

asks empathy

an immediate proposal

may suggest in heart

sweet peace of mind.


Morning sunlight

will create shadow

that will ask a conscious

need to step in

guide a soul lost inside

a societal nightmare.


A pleasure would be a breeze

let fortune in life to breathe.

©️ Thom Amundsen 6/2021


A technique in artistry

Raised impression


Brings a moment to life

We see the beauty


In a master’s hands

Elegant lines


Always a story

Being told


In Webster’s words

Or Collier


A comic moment

Is designed


To break the tension

Ease the mind


And today I glance freely

The western sky


And recognize the beauty

Of a common sunset


The relief of another day

Provides a setting


Tonight I appreciate beauty

In human kindness