Key Responsibility

It’s a morning

gray skies outside

sunlight is somewhere

last night’s thought

sifting into my world.

A mixed bag of

insolent treats.

If I choose to open them

I could follow a light


to take me somewhere.

Somewhere out of here.

Though then I realize

we, ourselves, are

responsible for the keys.


© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

With Piano Keys I Muse

I wait for the right note,

a soft touch, distant tone,

perhaps a high sharp strike,

my heart breathes the resonance.

I am immediately drawn to a time,

a different place we speak,

when everything is bliss,

and the pain is no longer an option.

We are easily pleased in memory,

with the musical intercessions of our lives,

when traveling inside a melody,

reminds me of her, or them, or even you,

I am sweet with desire,

limited by time,

yet know I have realized your beauty,

is always in my heart,

forever safe in the mystique of knowing … love