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If She Knew

There in the wind lays definition,

she called them changing winds.

If we could recreate days of passion

perhaps then love properly gleaned.


Yet days and hours of time forgotten,

though symbolic reminders lay about

we could in simple terms relive again.

Beauty in circumstance beyond doubt.


Oh follow me on this our sensual journey

Oh follow me is this our sensual journey

Oh follow me will be our sensual journey


For it is the two of us no longer paired

though in our time so loved had we dared.

Go on and on and on as well we cared,

yes love does happen practiced and paired.


Oh follow me in this our constant journey.


© Thom Amundsen 10/1

Responsive Journey

A quiet path,

many minds have passed,

yet inside remains

alone like a ricocheting energy,

a certainty in privacy,

that which no one might alone

experience beyond

a silent beholden traveler.


Many nights, autumn mornings,

spring into action while the world around

might discover new purpose,

a reasoning that while easily


still remains on the outside,

wondering just how soon

there might be some quiet


toward opening doors.


yet there in the midst of a quiet existence

remains the wonder,

which while inside is felt.

What happens when

shared notions

become some emotive prayer

for understanding the logic

of living out our dreams

based upon

some ventured task to grasp


Traveling Mountains To Seek Valleys

It is not the end result we seem to favor,

while at the crest, noting the cool waters

floating downward toward a mecca

of personality, a vision of delight,

a land where each of our misgivings

might bathe themselves a cleanse.


It is these mountains I somehow travel,

a burden is a liking to hardship

where a journey

becomes the landing point,

that place where desire meets obligation.

We then wade in the refreshing waters,

gathered by the arches, the crevice

releases our lives toward a settling ground.


Oh to know the fascination that becomes

that epiphany, a cathartic finish, or an ongoing

realization of the constant cycle of humanity,

drawn by exercise,

forbidden the peril of temptation,

and yet we would continue the walk,

for it is in the actual stride of a want,

we do somehow then discover safe need.

Piano Solos


while the world rings true,

a glimmer, a hope, a dance

while this melody, a shape maker

presents an accidental shift

in memory.

Imagine the rise of delightful keys,

sweet muse

soft patterns of reality.


I listen to piano solos

for the breadth of tradition,

that notion spoken

in the hearts of many before me,

whose talented fingertips,

did create moments.

Awe, delight, tears, and genuine

sadness, perhaps simple delight,

triggered by a tempered key,

twists the mind around an obligation,


when just recently I wondered

only how, when I might release

my imagination,

I listened

the notes bold,

suggest my life is attainable,

as reaching the octave necessary

towards an understood element of survival;

an epiphany moves through my veins,

causing heart to blend –

the moisture outside,

while we wait,

will cleanse our sated soul.

Moment to Moment


When just the other day we didn’t have enough time

now today, we certainly do,

yet then again, if I were given a way,

or just given away,

I might find my time to be rather, quite, well, so delightfully


Time has a way of allowing our lives to become necessary,

when we glance toward the evening and recognize a few short hours

before sleep begins to suggest,

I will make you hurt in a few hours, if you won’t allow me


Musical beats that ask for rest stops are always intriguing,

for where else can you notice there is mandated an exercise

in futility, for without that brief respite, the rhythm will certainly


In moment to moment, our lives are driven by the natural

course of our reality, whatever path we choose,

if we lay back, the moss of nature’s compass,

slowly takes root, our path now dressed in beauty’s essence.

Yet, plodding on as the human condition wears a streak

of reality upon any manner of earth’s soil.

When moment to moment our desires to strive come alive,

perhaps we might reflect upon the soil our lives depend upon.

Haiku Journey


we travel alone

searching, asking, regretting

wishing we wondered


every morning

I wake up having this dream

hoping you will come


symbolism sheds

light on difficult moments

those we avoid


if we might challenge

end’s existence evermore

we cannot begin


she was walking slow

I noticed her as always

I could no longer


trying to define

purpose with growing challenge

reiterates You

Upon This Day


If truth were a double-edged sword, I might be a dead man

For I do remember very little that I want to recall

About those days ….

When I try to ascertain the mood of the moments then

I am well to understand only glorified journeyed musings

About those days …

We are a simple lot that lives by the delights that suggest

Our misgivings and frailties will be measured for years

About those days …

I listen to rock and roll ballads that allow me to travel

Surreal in the mystique of how well my mind may reflect

About those days …

“Sing with me just for today, the good Lord take you away”

Caresses my mind while I dance to the tune’s sermon

About those days …

Yet here we are struggling on a daily basis to understand

What plan lies ahead, what decisions to begin to recall

About those days …

We know so much more today than we did yesterday

And we wish we might reflect upon new improvements

About those days …

We do know without comment that our lusts and dreams

Will continue to be the carrot on a string screaming hope

About those days …

Wisdom and time become the masters of our universe

Seeking truth that may certainly guide our sojourn’s path

Upon this day!

The Journey continues … (prose)


Tonight I’m faced with wonder. I heard about a friend of mine’s brother who is on his final moments in that vehicle of a human body he has been blessed with some twenty plus years. His travel on Earth cut short by an artificial stimulant that decidedly stopped his heart, and now he awaits the ticket home. I am sad and confused, well not as much confused as frustrated by how unpredictable our lives really can be. Anything I write tonight will be meant as a testament for the tremendous respect I have for the family, and all of the anguish yet ironic love they will experience in the coming days, all of which begun on Sunday night.

For we do truly love when we recognize someone else’s grief. We do truly shed tears for the reality of God’s heavy hand when decisions of mortality become the truth of our existence. We experience without knowing, and are asked once again, in our brief sojourn with the human condition to learn acceptance.

During times such as this, we question God’s motives, and wonder why this individual was chosen at this time of his life. Not yet twenty five, and his journey here on earth in the physical sense will end soon, and his soul, that which we all wonder holds His mystique will travel on, at a certain peace from the hellish world he is now departing. I only call it hellish because in truth, his actions might have suggested that that need to escape was far more enjoyable than the nightmare his lifestyle had made commonplace.

Drugs are a menace to our young people, and this young man is a clear example of how easily vulnerable we can be to something that we haven’t any concept of its wrath. Tonight the family holds vigil, helpless to the awesome strength of our God as we know him, in all of our circles of spirituality and belief. There are some that will shed tears, many tears, in the release of emotion that follows this beautiful boy’s passing. And yet, somehow we need to be thankful, for again, in tragedy he has provided us knowledge, a keepsake for holding true to the tenets of behavior that can and will cut our lives short. His was measured by a need to escape, and depart he certainly will leaving behind many joys and fond memories of his own grace.

I’ve been looking at pictures all night long, and all I see is his beautiful smile. I cannot see the pain that exists behind the empty shutter. I only imagine the laughs and good times that were always had when he was in the room, because he really is love, and is that representation of our reason to live. He provides us truth tonight. God bless him, and Godspeed his peace and God please love him and guide him and protect him.

Game Changers


When I was a kid

If a girl wanted to …


Romance …

I sometimes recall those moments

Took courage rather than a quick,

If ever I believed in your beauty

I needed to show up on your door …


Today …

Tell me if it is difficult to know,

To recognize a person is real

By a snapchat that disappears

With the reality of a possibility …


Yesterday …

I could sit in bed and delight

Knowing the smile you left me

As we stepped away at school

How lovely you might be in your…


Privacy …

A world that in my imagination

Remained sacred containing

Only the beauty and elegance

My fantasy might create …


World …

Every device in our hands

At our fingertips gives us time

To connect across the universe

And yet our human condition …


Imagine …

“You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one…”      -Lennon


Passion …

Years ago my sister taught me

This word is bigger than it sounds

We have an opportunity to live

We have a responsibility to give …


Music …

It drives our lovely soul and body

I move as my words hit the paper

I feel with a delicious responsive

Desire to be real, and live life free …


We continue to recreate the wheel, we will

In our vanity, our fears, our … planetary ills

Journey to the Black

Perhaps he was aligning the stars

On a cold winter’s night

The crowds had gone home

Holding hands

Playing sweet melodies

That defined their lives

The snow had begun to fall

As any other day

While hours drifted by like quick minutes

His mind moved towards a solution

Certainly not one we might all pick

In fact, few would

Yet sanity had drifted away

Much like a windswept notion of love

That became a distant memory

She did play with his urges

Engaging, pretty, searching

Notions of grandeur would not get past her

Own ability to recognize futility

Dance his driven desire to bed her

Eyes broke their slow tease of passion

In the night ahead steps leaving one trail

Walking to that hallowing ground

More alone than minutes earlier

Stand upon this elegant mortality

Holding court with this brief fantasy