Stumbling Blocks

© jessicalarue photography

© jessicalarue photography

When in that moment I feel your pain,

I always want to forget,

I want to ignore your pain,

hoping it might go away,

with your tears,

go away from me today.


I want to bring you back to me though,

every time I see your eyes,

any time I hear your gasps,

that bring me back to you,

I want to be with you,

by your side, with you all the time.


If maybe I could somehow decide upon

what day seems more real than the other,

what opportunity,

what moment when your elegance,

speaks directly to my heart,

maybe that is the way I can see you.


In this frame of mind today,

I can see you all over again,

spiritual in your manner,

the delight of every moment,

when the pain has left your eyes,

when the pain has left your eyes.

If, Only

'the bond' © Jessica LaRue

‘the bond’
© Jessica LaRue


I could hold you in my palm,

piqued eyes glance my strangeness,

allowing for the moment

such unusual paths,

yours one of fancy flight

mine left to observe.


If, only

we could share the brilliance

around us in morning’s light,

soft petals of forest ground,

delicious ambers in meadow

I cast my eye upon the world

you stream in swept glide.


Might, then

our pain begin to subside

when in Nature’s oneness

each avenue we choose

could be the same as our

hearts seem to yearn often

in the break of day, quiet nigh.


Now, when

we are together alone as one

our worlds collide with peace

I study your balanced agility

while you glance my curiosity

the skies remain the same

two worlds, similar dreams


If, only that freedom